Winter 2016

Winter 2016


our story

It all started with the question: how do grown ass women make friends in New York?

We met online - through a story written about being newly transplants and finding other women who share the same quirks and mindset. Next thing you know, we all began stalking one another instagram accounts and arranged a girl date.

It happened over drinks at Hotel Chantelle, where we all came together to share ideas on building a better and stronger sense of community. 

The rest is history.

Because we are very fortunate in our friendship, we wanted to create the same, but better opportunity for women to make meaningful relationships in New York. 

We are talking about genuine relationships and cnnektions.

this is thecnnekt.

Chary + Emily



Emily and I became friends when were little thangs and later went to high school together in Philly. She relocated to NYC after college and I ended up making the same move in 2016. We reconnected in the Big Apple where I met her wild friend, Chary, on New Year’s Eve. Chary and I hit it off automatically and couldn’t imagine my life without her now! Emily, Chary, and I all went to Sam’s super bowl party where I got to officially fully understand Sam’s obsession of her cat and the industry she works in. Turns out Sam and I worked in the same industry! Sam recommended me to her company and here I am, seven months later, loving my job. So fortunate to have these lovely ladies in my life :)
— Becky Juda, Girlfriend
When I partnered with The Cnnekt for our Burn and Brunch FITtrip my hope was that some of the girls in our communities would meet and become friends. I never imagined that I would leave with a ton of new friends, supporters, and now business partnerships. Hannah from Go Dash Dot happened to fall into all three of those positions. I’m so grateful that we were Cnneckted and have been able to grow such a beautiful friendship and business partnership!
— Jess Glazer, Founder of FitTrips
It all started at The Cnnekt’s launch event last year. That’s where I met Chary who later, along with Emily, brought their friend Becky to my Super Bowl party. Becky and I got to chatting and realized we worked in the same industry. Soon afterward, I got her a job at my company and now we’re work and IRL friends :)
— Samantha Brix, Contributor + Girlfriend
I attended the Cnnekt’s ‘burn and brunch’ event, which was a workout class taught by Jess followed by Sweet Green. I was a bit nervous going into the event as I attended alone, but I left very sweaty and very happy! Jess and I cnnekted at the event and have continued to partner on other events with Go Dash Dot and Fit Trips, not to mention becoming great friends as well :)
— Hannah Fastov, Founder of Dash Dot
Caitlin joined the The Financial Gym as a client after attending our Money Mindfulness event that we had partnered with TheCnnekt to host. She became my client and after working together on her financial fitness, she expressed interest in joining the FinGym team as our Community Manager. We are so pleased that TheCnnekt brought us together.
— Crystal Martinez, The Financial Gym Trainer