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Money Mindfulness with Financial Gym

We've talked about money before. Remember? And the outcome of that survey totally blew us away. Often, we as women don't have the conversation about our credit score or how much we are in debt. Well, why not? We are teaming up with Financial Gym to get our money in shape! Yes, that is right.

The Financial Gym is the only judgement-free destination offering personal, affordable and JARGON-FREE financial planning for the every day woman. No matter where you're starting from, their Certified Financial Trainers work with people one-on-one to outline & achieve their financial goals. They're the holistic solution helping people to effectively manage any credit card or student loan debt, understand their 401k's and other retirement options, and break habits like living paycheck-to-paycheck or having trouble getting started with investing or saving adequately. Get your assets whipped into shape today and mention the CNNEKT to get 20% of your 3rd month of membership. 

Curious? Come out to the event. 

What: A post work mediation, learn session about how to tighten your finances, and network with your fellow ladies (; 

When: Thursday, July 27 from 7pm to 9pm

Where: The Financial Gym, 226 5th Avenue, 5th Floor

Why: If you can keep your body in shape, why not whip your finances, too? 

How do I sign up: via Eventbrite

Meditation led by: Susanna Harwood Rubin. Susanna is the author of Yoga 365. She is a yoga and meditation teacher, writer, and artist whose work is rooted in South Indian Philosophy. Susanna writes for numerous publications, and teaches yogis to write through the lens of yoga philosophy and myth in her Writing Your Practice courses. Based in NYC, Susanna teaches internationally and online. She has been featured on HuffPostLive, MSNBC Today, in Mantra Yoga + Health magazine, Yoga Journal, and more.

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*Sponsors include: Good Seed and Kombrewcha