I was one of the many women who decided to get an IUD when Trump was elected.

According to data compiled by analysts at electronic health record Athena Health, the rate of IUD procedures in the U.S. increased between October and December of last year. Wonder why? Because it’s a form of birth control that can get you through the next four years.

I remember booking an appointment immediately through Planned Parenthood’s website and is the only place for affordable birth control.

For those of you who don’t know what a IUD is, allow me to break it down for you. IUDs a.k.a. intrauterine devices are among the most effective forms of birth control because they reduce the possibility of human error (i.e. forgetting to take your pill). Sold yet? I bet you are, so I turned to the best option for me as I have low income and no health insurance: my savior Planned Parenthood.

Anytime I’ve gone into Planned Parenthood for an appointment, the staff has always made me feel comfortable and well-informed like we are all best friends. As for the procedure, it felt like the worst possible cramp you could get. If you do not have a IUD, allow me to paint you a picture: imagine a doctor sticking a clamp up your vagina with your legs locked up to a exam table - which was a smart call because at the time I wish I could have run away. I’m not going to lie to you, It hurt a lot. However, I want you to keep in mind that every experience is unique and we all tolerate pain differently. Meanwhile I tried to play it off like I was a strong, independent woman who can tolerate such a common procedure.

And you know what? I survived and you will too! Not only that, but they did numb the area (thank goodness) where they stick the intrauterine device in your uterus. Once it was over - I can honestly say, it was easily one of the best decisions I’ve made all year.

Some perks include: less worry about becoming pregnant and no more periods every month (courtesy of getting the hormonal IUD) and words can’t describe how empowered I felt over my body that day and every other day since. If you do decide to get one, please know that not one size fits all as far as brands. This is my preferred way of birth control and I hope this may sway you into looking into your birth control options and what might be right for you.

I’ve come to realize that we may not have a say on how government funding will be spent, but we can take control of our bodies and with Planned Parenthood’s support, hopefully with affordable options. Since more women really are getting IUDs after the election, it's time we prioritize women's health.


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Written by Yasmeen

Her full name is Yasmeen Shakalia and Portland born and raised. Currently residing in Seattle. She loves thrifting and binge watching any and every TV show on her comfy millennial pink colored leather couch.  She also loves live music and going out dancing! To stalk Yasmeen's social media account, please find the link here and here.