Dominique Boyer, Singer + Performer

I met Dom at my day job were we both started as visual interns and worked our way up to corporate positions. We instantly bonded over Philadelphia and our interests in Beyonce. One week, Dom did not show up to work on Thursday and again on Friday. This was not because she was sick or taking vacation time. It's because this girl has LAYERS. Not only did she straight up ask for those days off every week, she made a plan to dedicate that time to her practice; Music. And let me tell you , this girl can sing! Her actions are the ultimate example of courage and I feel like its important that you all get to know how she got here. 

Dom, what was your dream career as a little girl?

I had a lot of dream careers, but from a toddler up until 18 I wanted to be a veterinarian. Somewhere in between (about 11 years old), after seeing the world premiere of Crazy in Love by Beyonce I wanted to sing/perform. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your passion of singing and who your idols are ? I think I already know the answer to that last one!

Beyonce!! I grew up in a music filled household/family. My mom played a lot of soul, spanish, and old school hip hop, while my dad played a lot of slow jams. My aunt played a lot of classic/alternative rock and my sister played r&b and trip hop. But it wasn't until Beyonce where I thought not only am I head over heels in love with music, but I want to make it myself. I'm inspired by SO MANY people. I'd be typing for hours if I named everyone but Beyonce, Led Zeppelin, Portishead, Michael Jackson and Roisin Murphy are my biggest inspirations.

When and how did you make the decision to cut back corporate hours to pursue your talent?

I made the decision this past May to be part time after months of saving money and thinking. I'm not at a place where I can pursue music full time so part time is the best decision for now. I just remember staring at a wall one day after work and thinking..there's got to be more to life than waiting and wishing for Friday everyday. I was wishing my life away! I moved to NY for music, to be creative, to stay curious, to feel alive, but to also be stable and secure. And now I get to do both. Yay, balance!

You are very lucky to have an understanding and supportive boss. What advice would you give to young women that may be too afraid to ask for things in the work place and who may not have it so easy?

You are so right. I am very lucky. I try to remind myself of that weekly because not everyone has such an understanding team. Advice I would give is to reflect. Ask yourself what it is that you want; from your career and from yourself. Once you have a clear answer, learn to have balance. If you're not fortunate enough to cut down your work hours, ya gotta learn to work with the time you have. Yes 9-5 sucks up a lot of your day, but if you devote 1-2 hours every other day doing things that serve you, you can stay sane. Remind yourself you're a human and not a robot/machine. If you want to take a chance and ask for a more flexible schedule, go for it! Express to your boss that your new schedule will fuel your work and not take away from it. You have control over your own life and happiness, remember that.

What is next for you, Dom?

Well, the corporate life probably won't last too much longer for me now that I've dived into music. I'm thinking more shows, meeting more people in the music industry, more collaborations, more songs to record, gaining more music engineering knowledge, learning more in general, more more more.! :)


Check out Dominique's next performance at the next Say Yes Electric Collective in December (like on Facebook for location/time details).


Interview by Emily