Julia Meyer, Creative + Model


Julia was my (Chary) former intern. While interviewing, she spoke candidly about her experiences and desires, leaving an authentic and memorable impression on me. I immediately told my colleague, "I want her on my team!" I tried to keep it separate - work and personal - but couldn't help myself. We went on to build and maintained a genuine relationship and would reach out to each other whenever having a "career crisis". And in a weird way, I feel like her mentor.

She has that Native New Yorker attitude all while being down to Earth and is such a super bright young woman. Julia is currently at Gucci, and all this is so inspiring as she just graduated from FIT this past Spring - now at such a respectable brand. She also started her own company, Here & Now Productions . We are beyond thrilled to capture this Spotlight early in her creative career!

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

When I grew up I think my decision might have changed on a daily basis, but it was always something in the arts-- Whether it was a ballerina, pianist, model, or actress. However as I got older I think my need for fulfillment got bigger and I realized I had a managerial spirit and needed to be in a creative field. 

Where did you grow up? Did your surroundings influence your path in life?

I grew up in Queens, NY. I believe living in one of the biggest cities in the world challenged me because you see so many varied paths of life. I knew I wanted to be better than my classmates who used to poke fun at me for being the quirky kid in class, but I was never sure until I got into college that I wanted to do something entrepreneurial.

You founded Here & Now Productions in NYC. When did you realize you wanted to produce your own networking events?

It was right after my 21st birthday that my friend told me I should continue getting my friends together. I realized then and there that I had so many varied friends who do so many cool things, from videography, owning their own businesses, skateboarding, music production, etc. that I decided I needed to provide them with a platform to network and build their own brands.

What do you think is the biggest struggle women go through in their careers and in life?

I think women have it out for men a lot of the time, and I don't get why, simply because I try not to compare myself to anyone, regardless of what's between their legs. It's a poor excuse to me, so I think if women just make a B-Line (no, not a Beyonce catwalk) for what they truly want, then nothing can get in their way. However, think smart, think strategically, and plan properly. I find that women tend to overthink or doubt themselves because of the fear of the unknown when keeping it simple and with an eye on the life target so to say, will keep them on their path to success.

What was the best advice you have ever given to a guest and the best advice you have ever received?

I had this gym teacher in college (I know, so random; blame the liberal courses "needed" to graduate) who was giving everyone a word of advice on the last day of class. I was the last one in the line and she told me to worry about myself more. I thought it was the best advice because I have so much appreciation for my loved ones that I can put myself last at times, and sometimes I need myself more than I might realize. I thought it was great because I felt like she knew all of the times I probably should have gone with my gut... Maybe I was a little spooked out, but she was right!

I think the best advice I have given was to not doubt yourself, and do your research on what will make you the happiest. A lot of the time people seem to be frazzled simple because they have a fear of "what might happen". It seems simple and cliche, but if you find something as simple as a hobby that would really fulfill your spirit and feed your mind, you never know where that might take you.

Would you like to leave us off with a fun fact about yourself?

I've traveled to over 10 countries and have been to 3 different continents. I plan on going to Southeast Asia and South Africa within the next 5 years.


You can continue on Julia's journey at @ayojuicee and view her portfolio here !

Introduction by Chary. Interview by Emily