Ally Love, Host of Brooklyn Nets + Founder of Love Squad

Ally Love. Where to start? This Jane of all trades is the host for the Brooklyn Nets, Peloton instructor, full time model contracted by Adidas. On top of that, she is an entrepreneur and the founder of Love Squad. Bottom line, we HAD to meet her.

We took her 8:30am ride with sweat, heavy breathing and tons of laughter when we heard her yell, “Do it for your PR, PB, or your DR.” The DR stands for Donut Record :) Have you fallen in love yet? We sat down with her afterwards for a smoothie and casual conversation. This athlete is a firm believer that Queens can co-exist and here is her story.

1.) Can you tell us the story of Love Squad?

I created Love Squad because I wanted to start writing. I went to a casting and this woman told me that there were three things they looked for. She said “a personalty which you have but someone who can also write the scripts and edit.” Writing was something I always wanted to do because I’m obsessed with books and am an avid reader. So I took a continuing education course at The New School and the second course I took, I needed to get published. In order for me to do this, I started my own blog. I put myself on a schedule to write two times a week. I didn’t know what I was writing about but sports was a part of my life. I started getting comments on instagram and was like you saw that?! that’s pretty cool!
Adidas reached out saying they saw and loved my blog and asked me to create some content. I was like “this piece of crap?” Then I thought that maybe I had something there. And I did. I continued to write and started getting more traction and people started to fall in love. I then created a sweatshirt and tee shirt line to wear them and had people asking , “Whats Love Squad?” 

2.) That is great marketing! Can you describe your content?

We remain true to sport. That is how we differentiate ourselves from other health and wellness blogs. This is because I believe that everyone is an athlete, no matter if you have "professional" in front of that. You are an athlete. You wake up every day, compete in your career especially in NYC, your personal life, with your kids, against time. Its always about winning or loosing and sometimes we loose which is okay but the idea of it being a sport remains true to who I am and the idea of fitness is a big part of me. Those are our two pillars that are our foundation. Fitness and sport. 

3.) How did you evolve into events and collaborations?

I wanted leverage a skill that I naturally have and that is hosting. I am on that bike and there are 4 cameras in a room at Peloton. There are 16,000 fans at Barclays Center. I just hosted for even more fans at the ACC. How could I hybrid fitness and sports with hosting and being social? That is where we came up with Love Squad Socials
Once a month we do events to invite girls out who want to be a part of the fitness community, want to get back into fitness or just want to be apart of A community and connect. There is your word, again! I want women to leave with information, not just about working out or with a new friend. I want them to discover information about themselves as a woman.

4.) This is amazing! But it sounds like you have A LOT on your plate. How do you handle it all?

I don’t. I outsource and ask for help. Once I started teaching at Peloton I didn’t have enough time to write for it to be constant and be searchable. So I hired a team. I have a team of four women. Your time is so important so be strategic, streamlined and effective. 

5.) Thank you for your honesty! As far as your events go, what advice would you give to girls who want to come out but are too introverted or self-conscious about their bodies?

You’re judging yourself too much. Come as you are. I hosted the ACC’s with chewed up nails and chipped toes. I did the entire show like that to prove to myself that I don’t need to be the prettiest girl in town. Our i’s aren’t dotted and out t’s aren’t crossed. I think its important to be your best self and our best selves aren't always how you look but its about what is on the inside. I won’t lie though, there are always going to be stereotypes but we all get to earn the right to do whatever we want. 
If you’re an introvert, come out and watch people meet one another. That is inspiring in itself. There are no rules. Just show up and do it once, do it twice and do it three times. From there, decide if its for you.

6.) Great advice! What about your thoughts on this positive body acceptance in main stream media, clothing campaigns, runways, etc.?

Im going to be real. We are NOT being accepting. I think we accept big breasts and a big butt but it comes along with long hair, big lips and a small waist. It all comes with a price because with that look, we are expected to be put together and appealing. The acceptance of being a skinny supermodel has changed and its okay to be curvy, but girls don’t necessarily look like that all the time.  Body image isn’t changing for women to be themselves. 
Amy Schumer said the one word that no woman wants to hear when they take off their clothes but was said to her on social media was “Brave.” Why does a woman who’s plus size or fuller have to be brave but a woman with a big butt and fake stuff get to be sexy? It’s insulting because we all look great!
However, women have become more vocal and embrace their power, it just hasn’t caught on to main stream media. 

7.) Amen! So, whats is next for you, Ally?

You’ve brought up round tables and its interesting that you say that because that’s my initial goal of 2017. That’s where I want Love Squad to land. We are having an intro panel to answer the question “What is Love Squad?” This will be in April.
In the summer we are doing a panel discussion that will always include a fitness element. Then you’ll juice up, sit down and hear from women we are encouraged by to get information on how they do it and why they do it.
As for me, I don't know! But I do know that whatever I do always leads to something else. I will always be productive.

To learn more about ALoveSquad and get your #fitspo going, you can find it here. Or to stalk Ally Love like we did, here you go. You're welcome (; 


Interview by Emily + Chary, Interpreted by Emily