Nasty Women Roundtable

In January, the following women came together to create something magical. Free standing, 10ft letters spelling out "NASTY WOMENhoused hundreds of art pieces in protest of #45.  The Nasty Women Exhibition raised over $50k in New York and over $200K nationwide - all in support of Planned Parenthood and a form of #resist. 

Here is the story how one Facebook comment that created unity in New York City became a global movement. 

We are so honored to have this opportunity to sit down and chat with these fellow #NastyWomen. Huge thank you to the badass #Girlboss Roxanne Jackson for setting up the introduction for us to meet Jessamyn, Angel, Aimee, and Haley. We are incredibly thankful! 

Video Production by: 
Andy Morin

Directed & Produced by: