I met Lady in college - yeah, that's her legitimate name. Two gals who enjoyed plenty of laughter and intense work outs. We met through mutual friends and because our energies were share the same frequency, we got really close and have kept in touch over the years. 

It was months ago when I saw on Lady's instagram, where I saw her DJing on a stage - I thought, "Wait, she's spinning now?" We caught up, she shared that she was now in the music industry and making some serious moves. 

Although we've been friends for a long time, interviewing Lady on how she is making her mark as a DJ is a completely new story for me. Join us in reading her #GIRLBOSS Spotlight below: 

1. We start our interviews with the same question: what did you want to be when you grow up? 

Then there was this phase as a kid, I wanted to be a rock star. I was super into karaoke all the time although I was always shy. I sang before I could talk because my dad used to play the guitar and serenade me all the time! I’ve always loved music growing up, I know how to play the piano and the violin and self-taught myself the guitar and ukulele. My parents used to make me sing at church all the time - although I was so shy and acted like I hated it, I secretly loved it. There’s this picture of me as a kid wearing some cool Ray-Ban avatars while I have a mic in my hand and holding on to a teddy bear.

2. Can you share how you got started in DJing? What would you say is your style?

I sneaked into my first music festival in 2015 and I absolutely loved it. I loved the music and the vibe, continued to go to festivals for a while. It eventually hit me that I wanted to be the person that created all that cool shit that went on. I just didn’t know how I would do it just yet.
I had later finished from California State University, Fullerton - got my Bachelor’s in Health Science, but I didn’t want to commit into that industry yet. I dabbled in different careers - I was a successful makeup artist for a while, then started working in the music industry. I was surrounded by my childhood passion again, music! One day I was talking to my friend at a park, I was really confused about what I was doing with my career and I was thinking about going back to school to get my Masters. Jokingly I told him I should just start a rock band since I used to write music in high school and posted covers on Youtube (one of them actually got 30,000 views before I took it down).
He reminded me about the time I told him I wanted to DJ and he encouraged me to do it! I am pretty musically inclined - I enjoy festivals and live shows. We were just talking and joking, but it became real. I thought why not?!
I did my research and I found out about Academy of DJ’s and applications were closing literally that day, I applied and got accepted. I felt this was a sign. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason! I went from going to shows, to working concerts/shows as a tour assistant, to officially being a part of the live show! 
My style is hip hop/edm/top 40’s/reggae. I have an extremely large and broad taste in music which makes me very mutable as a DJ! My first ever gig was opening up for a sold out Common Kings show - this was a 1700+ crowd. Let me say that DJing in your room for your friends and siblings is VERY DIFFERENT THAN OPENING FOR 1000+ CROWDS. I am where I am because I was passionate about an idea, and I made it real for myself.
Side note: I unfortunately did not achieve my childhood dream of becoming a rock star, but I found a loophole through DJing… I think I might have spoke this future into existence as a child. CRAZY! 

3. Everyone can put tracks together and claim themselves as a DJ via SoundCloud, do you this creative job is saturated? What makes a DJ outstanding? 

I don’t think putting out tracks together on SoundCloud is saturated. If you have music and an aux cord, you are a DJ. It’s crazy because two people can have the same list of songs in a mix, but both mix outcomes will be completely different. If you’re creative - you are an artist. I can totally see why people can think it’s saturated, but DJing is an art nothing about art is saturated. I think personality makes a DJ outstanding. On stage you can be an amazing DJ, but if your energy isn’t great or if your personality isn’t showing then no one cares. If you aren’t connecting with the crowd - they won’t notice you. You have to make a presence!

4. There are only a few notable women DJs, do you think this is a rare space for women? 

 I do think DJing is a rare space for women. It will be cool to see more female DJ’s come up in the industry whether it be Tour DJing or as producers. As this field is predominantly men, I want to make my way through not only as a dope ass DJ, but down the line as a dope ass Producer - making beats and producing songs! A few female artists/producers I look up to: Mija, Alison Wonderland, and Anna Lunoe.

5. What is your advice for any young woman to break into this creative industry? 

My advice to young women out there that are trying to break into this creative industry: work really hard and don’t ever ever lose focus on your main goal! Be nice to everyone because the people you meet on your way to the top are the same ones you’ll see on the way down. You don’t have to be a good person to be successful, but you have to be a good person to stay successful.
Be passionate about what you do, I truly believe that every person’s purpose is to share their gift with the world! Also my last piece of advice is to stay true to yourself. It’s so easy to get lost or lose yourself in the world, you have to stay rooted to be able to grow.

6. What's next for Lady Set Go? 

I don’t want to give away too much about what’s next for me…. But I have been offered residency at several paces, and a few exciting bookings for the year! Some including huge events, festivals, and touring for emerging artists.

To listen to Lady's newest set (see above) and you can find her SoundCloud right here. #StayCnnekted via her social media channel here. Stay tuned for her full website coming soon.


Introduction and interview by Chary