Jen Glantz, Bridesmaid for Hire & MORE!

We have been stalking her before we moved to New York. She was one of those creative writers that just spoke to you - like your friend. Now being in New York and watching via social media how this talent woman created her own business opportunity, we know we had to Spotlight her. 

Get to know the famously Bridesmaid for Hire, Jen Glantz, below: 

Can you share what did you wanted to be as a kid?

As a kid, I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. I loved going to school and learning (Super nerdy, I know!). I used to take my Barbie dolls and pretend I was teaching them things.

Jen, you kind of do it all - a consultant, a bridesmaid for hire, a published author, and pizza enthusiast - can you tell us how you built your career and if this is what you imagined when you initially started?

I was a poetry major in college - so this path I’m on now was not one that I imagined or planned for. I started writing for the internet about 7 years ago and from that, I started a blog, wrote two books and have built a freelance writing career. When I was doing all of that, I started Bridesmaid for Hire and spent my weekends working weddings. I like that my “job” is a mix of many things and many of my passions.

Of all your endeavors, what has been one of the most challenging aspects and how did you overcome it?

One of the most challenging things I’ve had to overcome was a fear of failure. I’ve had to learn how to digest failure and keep pushing forward on things even when rejection was standing in my way constantly.  As a writer or a business owner, rejection and failure are something you need to make your BFF and not your enemy, because you will be seeing it more often than you’d like. I started viewing rejection and failure as learning experiences.

So, the ad on Craigslist - was that just for giggles at first that organically catapult you into this business opportunity or was this intentional since you hit “publish.”

When I posted the ad on Craigslist, I did it just to test out a business idea that I had in my head. It was my way of testing the market. If people needed this service, I was ready to provide it, and I have been doing just that for three years!

For the aspiring writers in our community, what are your best words of encouragement?

Listen to just this: Write now. Don’t make excuses, don’t care if people will read your writing, don’t write for other people, just start writing and don’t you ever stop.

What's next for the unstoppable Jen Glantz?

I want to keep writing books and starting businesses that make people’s heads turn because why not? Life is short. I want to go above and beyond to make the most of it.

To learn more about Jen Glantz, you can stalk her here and here


Introduction and interview by Chary + Emily