Bianca Monica, Singer and Founder of Limone Creative


LinkedIn has been a great source for us to learn about businesses and company announcements, and so has Instagram, naturally. That is how we met Bianca. While scrolling our feed, we saw KHPR Inc. had their website re-designed by Limone Creative. And we had this weird hunch that we have seen Limone Creative's instagram before - and we did! We took it as a sign. 

So here we were - blindly emailing this creative genius in hopes she responds - and she did! Then there we began the initial conversations and interview below. Read about how Bianca started her own creative business while still learning and growing in the industry via today's Spotlight! 

Bianca, can you tell us what you wanted to be when you were younger?

It started out with wanting to be a dentist. Then changed to a journalist. Always wanted to be a singer!

Amongst your successes, you also have your own agency, Limone Creative - can you tell us how you got here and what inspired you to create your own agency?

I worked in editorial at UrbanDaddy right after college and it inspired me in so many ways. The creativity, the people, the CEO Lance who is now my mentor. I actually still go into the office and work from there! At UD I discovered my knack for social media and bringing my journalistic approach to it. Because I’m a musician as well, the 10-6/7pm structure eventually began to limit my creativity. So one day I was like, why don’t I just start my own business. It was kind of history from there. Once I decide to do something that feels right, I run with it.

Since you’ve launched your own creative agency, what has been one notable advice you’ve gotten from your mentors and what are your “words of wisdom” you’d share with those who aspire to dive into the World you’re into?

Wow, I’ve gotten so much advice the past two years.

Never burn bridges is one. Sometimes working with clients or partnerships just don’t work out. Everyone works differently, and that’s the beauty of going off on your own and working with different types of businesses and creatives.

Just because something doesn’t work out, doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is over. Always approach things professionally and do what’s best for the business and your client.

Have you ever had to compromise with your values for these brands you’ve worked with and how do you deal with that?

Fortunately I’ve been able to work with brands that I love and believe in. A part of having a creative agency and specializing in branding and social media is that you have to have an understanding of what the client envisions and wants. I then get to translate that in to visuals, words– everything digital. My team and I make it all come alive.


What’s next for you and Limone Creative?

I’ve been taking trips to LA for meetings to establish Limone there as well. I just hired an Account Executive who is amazing and a total badass chick. What’s next is to just keep rolling and doing what we’re doing. As difficult as it is to run a business, I love every moment of it, even the shitty ones. I am constantly learning, struggling, succeeding. It’s a whirlwind, but I have an amazing support team of friends, mentors and my dream man / boyfriend. I see Limone doing a lot more and I can’t wait!

Styled and photographed by Mixology. To learn more about Bianca, click here, find her on Spotify here, or to learn more about her agency, click here.


Introduction by Chary. Interviewed by Chary + Emily