Lili Chemla, Founder of LIANA Clothing

We met Lili through one our boss lady friends. She mentioned that Lili is an emerging designer that'll be dropping a new collection, (and soon in Moda Operandi) and be wonderful to speak to. And so we did! 

We fell in love with her tasteful collection, naturally. The collection is simple, fun, and filled with wardrobe staples. She was also sweet enough to provide our community with 15% off using promo code : thecnnekt

Read her Spotlight below - 

Lili, what did you want to be growing up? If not a fashion designer, how did you get there?

Looking up to my dad, I always knew I wanted to own a business, be my own boss — I’m surprised I didn’t know all along that my it was going to be LIANA. 

Can you describe the inspiration behind your new fall collection?

I grew up in velour tracksuits— I never understood why they went out of style for a minute and I needed to bring them back! 

You have won over the hearts of celebrities like Laura Love and Emma Roberts. Would you say you design for a certain girl or who you consider your brand “inclusive” ?

I design for every girl out there who likes to lounge and be comfy. I feel (and hope) that is inclusive of all women! There are all different types of women in my life who I think about when designing, so I think that helps me not to put my designs in a certain “type” box. Designing for a specific age or type of girl only limits you, and with elevate basics our options are limitless. 

You’re 26 - that is so impressive to us, but considered very “young and inexperienced” to seasoned designers. Do you ever experience ageism, and if so - how do you handle people not taking you seriously?

I truly haven’t noticed my age coming into play or affecting me in the work environment. I think being in a creative industry has helped, as most people are more collaborative and not competitive. For those who experience ageism, from either side of the spectrum, I would say speak up, stay confident and just remember there’s a lot to learn from seasoned designers, but they also have a lot to learn from us!

What is your best advice to young women who struggle dressing to feel comfortable in their own skin?

Dress to make yourself happy and no one else. If anyone is judging you, they’re ones that should feel uncomfortable. 

What is next for you, Lili?

Run for president! 


Interviewed by Emily