Claire Dufournier and Antoine Derom, Co-Founders of Six Lines App


We don’t have to tell you that dating in New York City is difficult. BUT- would it be easier if dating apps changed their user approach? Check out the latest dating app, six lines, launching this month exclusively for New Yorkers. We were able to sit down and chat with co-founders Claire and Antoine about their perspective on the dating culture in America and how they’ve incorporated their European culture into their platform to influence how we date. Sounds interesting, right? Read on to discover how these two are becoming the next game changers- for both their lives and yours!

Antoine and Claire, how did you two meet?

It was in the Fall of 2017 that  Antoine quit his job as an investment fund analyst in Munich to pursue a dating app idea he had been contemplating for a while. Claire had moved to New York a few months prior and was finishing up an internship as a graphic designer in a branding studio. Antoine and Claire met through a mutual friend when Antoine visited New York in the winter of 2017 to scan the startup scene.

They spoke about Antoine’s idea at length and realized that while Antoine mastered the whole business aspect, he could really use some help in the creative department (ha!). He also realized building an app based solely on his male perspective of online dating was limiting and he needed a much broader outlook!

By March, Antoine and Claire were working full-time on Six Lines in New York. Antoine, who was initially planning on launching in Belgium, realized that if there was one place with a hungry audience for dating apps, it was New York. Claire, Franco-American graphic designer, was excited by the challenge at hand: humanizing online dating and building a strong brand with a relatable voice and a striking aesthetic.

Can you tell us about how has your European culture influence the approach on creating Six Lines? And how would this make you differ from large dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble?

We both grew up in Europe, between France and Belgium, and there is nothing Europeans indulge in more enthusiastically than a conversation around a table with a good drink. The speed, intensity and hyper-connectedness of New York City sometimes makes it hard to carve out time for simple moments like these.

We noticed how everything in the US is automated and driven by speed, convenience, and access to options. By ordering food on grubhub, shopping for new clothes online and streaming movies from the comfort of a couch people are missing out on experiences they could be enjoying in a restaurant, movie theater or in a shop.

We decided what people needed wasn't another app that lured people into spending their evenings behind their screens, instead one that incentivizes people to do things in person. Slow down, enjoy a moment, meet someone new…

Six Lines, our dating app, that is launching next month in New York is all about “taking online dating offline”. Scrap the painful small talk that lingers on and leads to nothing. Make way for some actual dates.

You two mentioned that you conducted a survey at Central Park about how 4% of the folks you surveyed are actually having these IRL (in real life) meet ups - what do you think the disconnect is?

Based on our own experiences with dating apps we agreed on the pain points and flaws of online dating but needed to see if our opinions aligned with those of New Yorkers. We designed a simple survey asking people to identify their biggest frustrations, primary goals and general behavior on dating apps.

It was reassuring to see our assumptions be validated, as online daters repeatedly said they were frustrated with all the matches and conversations that didn't materialize into anything.

Are you able to disclose some of the key functionalities of the app and why it’d be such a different experience than what’s already out in the market?

Our unique selling point is that we 1. We limit the amount of messages people can exchange in app 2. We go beyond the chat: we actually coordinate dates in local bars!

Our in-app experience begins like most other dating apps. You browse through the profiles of other users in your city. However, once two people match, we give them six messages each before the chat is blocked and they are given an ultimatum “Is this still a match / Do you want to meet in person?”. If both users demonstrate interest in meeting, a date is planned in-app within the next two weeks. Doubling up as a venue discovery platform, Six Lines provides users with a curated list of local first date spots to choose from. It’s a different experience because you match with more intention.

What we tell our users and followers across our various platforms is that if they have time to be swiping and browsing on apps all Sunday evening, they have time to meet someone for a drink on any given evenings. At the end of the day, it takes more courage and confidence, but it’s much more efficient to measure chemistry in person than it is online!

In addition to New York City, what other cities are you hoping to launch in?

We will go where our users take us.

How do you hope for Six Lines and the overall dating culture evolves into?

We think online dating is awesome for big cities like New York, where people are constantly coming and going and not everyone has the luxury of meeting people organically through their extended social networks etc.

However we also agree they can be wildly discouraging and time consuming if users continue to be so vague and passive about how they use them and communicate on them. There is a lack social accountability amongst dating app users and that is something we’d like to change, so we tell our users to be upfront with each other.

If you want to meet this person, fabulous, if not, onto the next!

By no means are we guaranteeing love at first sight on date #1 but what we are saying is that you need to see someone in person, hear their voice and have a conversation in order to gauge any type of connection in the first place.

To get early access to the dating app, you can sign up here. Stay updated with happenings via instagram @sixlinesapp

Interviewed by Chary