Allison Esposito Medina, Founder of Tech Ladies


Allison Esposito Medina is a believer in women and a lover of tech. Naturally, she combined these two passions and built a powerful community SO cool that it has grown to over 50,000 members. Tech Ladies provides its members with the latest and greatest career opportunities in tech but also adds a personal touch by offering intimate events and constant advice for all, whether IRL or on their informative community. With Allison’s loaded experience at Google and Foursquare , she proves that women can conquer this male-dominated industry and shine bright while doing so. Read on to see how.

Allison, when was the breakthrough moment where you decided to leave places like Google and Foursquare and start your own company?

I knew it was time to leave Google and go full time on Tech Ladies when it was growing so much that I couldn’t keep up just working on nights and weekends. I think the key to knowing when it’s time to make the leap from side hustle to full-time is when you’re clearly holding your company/community back by not moving forward. It will tell YOU when it’s time, look for the signs.

What is the process like to become a member of Tech Ladies? Do you require a background in tech, or do you encourage those with no experience but with a tech dream to join your community and accomplish that goal?

Anyone who wants to can apply via We look for some connection to tech, so either you work in engineering, product, design, or you work in a tech-adjacent role at a company. If you’re just getting started or in a coding bootcamp that’s fine too! Just tell us in your application why you want to join.


Let’s talk about your own accomplishments. In 2017, you wrote a report for the United Nations about the gender digital divide. First of all, we are so in awe of this and want to congratulate you. Secondly, can you tell us about that experience and its importance, not just to Tech Ladies, but to the world?

Thanks! Our partnership with the United Nations has been so cool because we are able to take the things we’re learning from our community every day and help share them with decision makers. We’ve also partnered up on equal pay for equal work initiatives at the UN. As a mission-based company we want to do this kind of work to make things better for women in the world.

For those out there looking to accomplish what you have, what are your best words of advice?

Whatever makes you weird has a secret superpower to it. Figure out what that thing is and go all in on it. Also, this is simple but don’t procrastinate- and the key to that is to get really good at reading your own moods. Then you can figure out how you can use that mood to be productive or rest when needed. Everyone is different so there’s no rules about waking up early or going to bed early or whatever, it’s whatever works for you, honing in on that and then weaponizing it for good in your own life.

Here is an interesting one. What are your thoughts on progressing technology- the good, the bad, the ugly?

I think we need to consider ethics more and more as technology moves forward. That’s part of why I think diversity in tech is so important. It’s not that having women run everything means that tech won’t magically avoid evil, it’s that the more diverse voices in the room, the more we can consider the people these decisions in tech will affect. We also can’t afford to be slow with this social change because technology and innovation won’t slow down for anyone.

Lastly, here is our favorite ending question. What’s next for you, Allison, both personally and professionally?

I just got married so I’m settling into that and enjoying it! Professionally, I want to keep building Tech Ladies and make as much of an impact as we can.

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Interviewed by Emily