Will Defries, Founder of Sunday Scaries


Not sure about you, but when Sunday hits, we get a rush of anxiety and immediately start dreading the long week ahead. Now, imagine a podcast and an amazing Twitter account that helps you get ready for your fastly approaching Monday morning. Yeah, it’s real. Will Defries, founder of Sunday Scaries, shares how an ideation became an actual reality and provides his sound advice for creatives in today’s spotlight below!

Will, can you tell us about your career trajectory and what inspired Sunday Scaries? Did you launch it for self-fulfillment?

Strangely enough, my original concept for Sunday Scaries wasn’t directly correlated with my career. I’ve always worked in jobs that were creatively fulfilling on some level, but I started Sunday Scaries as a creative outlet that was more self-serving than anything. It was something that I could mold and create without someone asking me to make edits, scale back, or change because of their preference reigning over mine.

The inspiration really came from going out and dating in my early 20s — two things that caused me enough anxiety that it made me want to channel it elsewhere. As Scaries has grown and shifted into podcast form, I think it’s matured a lot from the original “hangover” mantras and has turned into something that’s more of an anxiety cure as opposed to a tribute to anxiety itself. Which, you know, cures my angst as well.

In your opinion, why do you think we have these “scaries” and how do you think it impacts our mental health?

Anxiety is something that everyone deals with on some level — careers, relationships, money, the list goes on. It just so happens that Sundays are when everything comes to a head. The opposite of the light at the end of the tunnel, really.

In your twenties, you’re really just trying to figure everything out and find the right blueprint to set yourself up for the rest of your life. But as you start checking the boxes, you realize that not everything needs to fit into the mold of what you’re told during your coming-of-age years. Whether it’s pressure of what you see your friends doing on Instagram or an intrinsic feeling of not achieving the things you’d like to achieve, anxiety and pressure seem to go hand-in-hand so it all feels never-ending.

And majority of folks do have the scaries - how do you deal with yours?

I’ve seemingly found the sweet spot which is a healthy dose of comfortable clothes, large ice waters, scented candles, and the right romantic comedy. I intentionally leave my Sundays as open as possible to ensure I don’t feel obligated to do anything I don’t want to do. It allows me to savour the free time I have, take things slow, and delay the upcoming week as much as I possibly can. Strong coffee helps, too.

Have you had any challenges juggling projects including Sunday Scaries and amongst others? But what are some of the rewards of doing multiple projects?

Working in media is difficult because it just never stops evolving. When I started my website, it was all about writing. But as the industry has shifted toward video and podcasts, it only seemed natural that I would be well-served doing the same. Jump-starting the podcast was very time-consuming in addition to everything else I was doing for work at the time — writing, editing, social media.

I think that’s how you know something is actually worth it, though. When you don’t mind tossing it on top of the pile of everything you’re already doing. The only real options are being fulfilled, being successful, or realizing it’s a fruitless effort. Hopefully it’s the former more often than the latter.

What is your advice for any creative type?

Know that whatever you’re creating — your writing, your painting, your recording — will only resonate with others if it resonates with you. For every rut, there’s a moment of excitement when you feel like you’re hitting your stride and you have to take advantage of it.

Submit your work everywhere. Make your work visible. Send cold emails and direct messages. Whenever you’re actually creating something, there’s a fear that it may not work which is debilitating. It’s as much about perseverance as it is about creativity.

Where do you see yourself and the brand for years to come?

A major priority for me moving forward with The Sunday Scaries Podcast is incorporating guests from different walks of life and career paths. It’s enjoyable to sit down and pick someone’s brain, and it’s even more enjoyable if those episodes reach larger audiences and help people who may be searching for inspiration or trying to find some clarity.

The podcast itself was started with very little limitations and has proven to be going in the right direction. What direction it’ll keep going in, well, I’m not really sure — and that’s fine by me.

Not anxious, right? Good. Learn more about Sunday Scaries here or follow Will on instagram and twitter.

Interviewed by Chary