Claire Fitzsimmons, Founder of Salty


We actually met Claire on BumbleBizz, and at a glance, you can already tell she was someone you wanted to get to know. Her name is recognizable: Claire Fitzsimmons. You may have heard of this lady, before. Formerly at NYLON and Paper Magazine, Claire is a digital maven and now launched a NSFW and sexual newsletter called Salty. Yeah, you read it right! We are so excited for Salty because this platform will cover non-mainstream Voices with a special focus on feminism, sex, dating, and well, NSFW content. We won't spoil the raunchy details, and let your imagination figure the rest: 

Claire, did you always imagine yourself in the editorial space as a little girl?

No! I wanted to go into Politics - I studied Sociology and Political Philosophy at University and then ended up working in fashion, of all things. I became a creative producer at Paper and learned more about the editorial space. I’m still incredibly political - Salty is definitely political.

This part is fun - can you tell us why it was so important for you to create Salty, and why the name of all names?

Salty has a vicseral feeling to it, you can almost taste it. Sex is Salty. Skin is Salty, tears are Salty. And I also love to double entrendre - to be Salty also means that you’re pretty pissed off. And Salty women aren’t afraid to get mad.

You mentioned that you didn’t want to be “the face” of Salty, can you share why you feel strongly about that?

Salty isn’t about me. Salty is a vehicle for all women, trans and non binary people to explore and celebrate themselves, to discuss everything under the banner of modern dating, sex and relationships. I couldn’t pretend to speak for everyone. It’s a far more important mission to create the platform for women than to be the face of the brand.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in creating and launching the publication?

There’s been so many small decisions to make, from the logo to coding the website, to the promotional gifting and editorial decisions - and it’s been a hard slog. It’s really a testament to our project management skills. Luckily we’ve had no shortage of contributors and done it all without funding - which I think speaks to the strength and need for the brand.

What is the best advice you were given in your career and what is the best you can pay forward to those aspiring to tap into the space you’re in?

Find a niche, wiggle your way in. You don’t have to be an expert - but you have to be committed, hardworking, and a great collaborator.

What do you hope for Salty five years from now?  

I see Salty becoming part of the pop culture vernacular. And in five years time I hope Salty is fully developed into 360 degree brand. Events. Real life experiences. Community. International outposts. Podcasts. Television. Who knows? The sky is the limit.


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Interviewed by Chary