Tara Aura & Sara Elise, Co-Founders of Blind Seed

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We discovered Blind Seed Co-Founders, Tara and Sara, through a friend who is very in tuned with the health and wellness landscape. "Chary, you should reach out." So, we did. At a glance, we already admire these ladies for what they're are doing - creating escapes and events to heal minds, bodies, and souls. Blind Seed is beyond "just an experience." When we met, we were just so surprised on the additional work they do, beyond the healing! Learn more about these two powerhouses below: 

Tara and Sara, what did you two wanted to be as little girls and did those dreams take you on the paths you are on today?

S: When I was younger I dreamed of being a business executive and wearing pencil skirts and clickity-clack heels while having hot sex in my corner office and telling my assistant that I only liked my coffee black.

The only parts of that vision that have come to fruition are that I do only drink black coffee and I do have hot sex in my (home) office. So my path to fully body + mind wellness, sustainable eating, and nutrition didn’t exactly come about in a linear way.

But I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that we are all exactly where we are meant to be. I know that my business school education and work on Wall Street definitely provided me with a business mindset and resource toolbox that I might not have received had I gone down another path.

T: Ha! You haven’t changed a bit! Except the heels part...very advanced child. I wanted to be a diplomat! Growing up in Washington, DC, a haven for overachievers including my parents, I wasn’t interested in the traditional paths I’d seen others follow–mostly because adulting looked like a serious drag, and I wanted to have fun and be free. So I’ve always been a very friendly and community-driven little Libra, and the idea of representing America abroad while immersing myself in a new culture really appealed to me. It meant travel the world, throw fabulous parties, and befriend as many people as possible. It definitely wasn’t a linear path, but I think that’s basically what I’m doing now! I found a way to share who I am and the personal culture of wellness I’ve created over time–like, the things I consume, the things I say, the way I move, and the reasons for all of that- my values.


Can you tell us the inspiration behind Blind Seed and the meaning behind the organization’s name? What is your intention with Blind Seed?

The name Blind Seed is inspired by the Zen proverb- “the seed never sees the tree.” Our intention is that Blind Seed will nurture growth for city-dwellers with an interest in clean living and self-expansion. We believe that each of us is a blind seed, unaware of our own capacity for beauty and greatness- yet when we're driven, lifted, and nurtured, we are all able to grow and exceed even our own expectations.



How do you define mental health and what are your thoughts on media finally paying closer attention to that type of wellness?

T: I think it’s great that everyone is talking more about mental health these days! It’s giving all of us compassionate, new language to inform our conversations with loved ones and strangers alike. It points us to more resources and more reasons to check in with ourselves more deeply. Mental health isn’t always going to mean happiness...it means wholeness: a broad range of human experiences, and I think people are finally starting to be more present for all of it.  

S: I agree with Tara. I think that it’s wonderful that “wellness” and paying attention to your mental health are trending right now- if only because that means more people will get on board with prioritizing this shift in well-being for themselves.


You two have separate endeavors, are those projects vastly different than what you two are embarking on now and if they do align, how so?  

T: I’d say there’s a lot of alignment! I’m part of the tribe that makes WTRMLN WTR, which is pretty much the most delicious drink ever. Made from cold pressed watermelon, it’s a clean hydration beverage that’s made with 2 simple ingredients and packed with naturally-occurring electrolytes, amino acids and antioxidants. No sugar, no preservatives, no water diluting it, it’s an awesome alternative to sports drinks and sugary fruit juices. It’s also the perfect cocktail mixer that hydrates as you go, which in my experience, prevents hangovers before they start. In four years we’ve grown to become a category leader at the national level, we’ve been able to scale back my role a lot compared to the early days. Now I manage marketing partnerships and keep the culture of our brand alive. It’s a lot work, but it’s also a lot of fun since I’m genuinely obsessed with the product. It’s healthy. It’s functional. It tastes great. It just fits my lifestyle.

I also teach two weekly yoga classes at a Black-female-owned studio called Urban Asanas in Brooklyn. We offer some of NYC’s most affordable access to stress relief, physical fitness and mindfulness thru yoga. Overall, I love being a part of the wellness community, opening the doors to welcome anyone into a safe space and sharing the knowledge I have to help others be happier and healthier. Blind Seed is a natural evolution that brings together my love of clean living, meditative movement and collective care.

S: There’s definitely tons of alignment with our projects, our passions, and really our entire way of existing in the World. I run Harvest & Revel, an alternative catering company based in Brooklyn that prioritizes ingredient sourcing, ethical staff wages, food sustainability, diverse staffing, and empowering our clients to make healthful food choices during their celebratory life moments. We cater large and small events all around Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Upstate NY, and the Hamptons.

I also work as a Private Chef for different clients in the Hamptons and provide the cooking for Blind Seed retreats as well.

Both of our lives and work on these different projects led us to exploring together our desire to provide people with a space where they could learn about what they’re consuming, make better food decisions for their bodies, take meditative movement classes, and develop new techniques for incorporating wellness into their day-to-day lives.


And on that note, what is your best advice for anyone who is trying to create his/her own magic?


Find the courage to be yourself, dive deep into whatever makes your highest self happy, and then find a way to let your happiness serve others .


Sit with yourself a lot. Pay attention to how different food, spaces you’re in, people you’re around, and activities you do make your body and mind feel. Check in on yourself and check yourself often- how can you constantly be in a space of shifting your perspective and evolving into a greater state of awareness and inner peace? The more you tap into this area (that already exists within you), the more you’ll be tapping into your magic- your greatest resources and gifts to the world.


What is next for you both personally and for the organization as a whole?

T: I’m learning to get out of my own way and manifesting a lot of dreams these days – in my family, in my own body, in my spiritual relationships, and in my career. So many areas of my life are lining up, and I’m leaning into feeling amazing more of the time. Blind Seed is primed for growth right now. After our first year of wellness events, we’re starting to find allies and execute new strategies for broadening our reach.

S: I’m constantly working on self-improvement- which for me looks like being more present and removing my attachment to certain outcomes, which in turn lessens my anxiety and grows my personal power (that I can then better share in the service of others).

Blind Seed is in such an exciting position right now and we’re looking to partner with more aligned corporate sponsors and venue spaces to broaden the reach of our programming so that it can impact more people that need it around the World.


To learn more about Blind Seed, you stalk on instagram @blindseed or personal pages @taraaura and @saraelise. HeartCamp is coming in April 2018, to learn more, click here.

Interviewed by Chary