Aja Dang, Lifestyle Youtuber and Influencer

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I have subscribed to Aja's YouTube Channel for awhile now, and I have always admired her down-to-earth vibe as well her honesty about her budgets and all components of her life. Here at thecnnekt we love, I mean LOVE, authenticity and that is why we had to Spotlight Aja. Former talent at Maxim and Fox, now venturing off to put forth her voice on her own terms and finding purpose. Read about Aja in today's Spotlight below:

Aja, who are YOU in three words?

Encouraging, unapologetic,  no bullshit.

Can you tell us about your background in media, specifically in broadcast, and how did that experience impact you to be in the current space you’re in?

I started my career as on-camera talent for Maxim Magazine and Fox Sports. I had a great time at Maxim, although I was the only woman on my team, we all worked together, shared ideas and always ended up with really great content. My time at Fox Sports showed me how important it is to have creative control over your content.

Why do you feel your Voice is needed? And speaking of Voices, why does representation matter to you?

I think, especially in the beauty field, it’s important to bring people back to reality. Not everyone needs to subscribe to the lifestyle of heavy makeup and diet trends. In fact, a lot of people are beginning to feel frustrated with what’s “popular” in social media because they are tired of feeling like they are not good enough. I talk about student loan debt; I do entire videos without makeup on, because that is the reality of the everyday person.


Is there a particular social organization that has made a personal impact on you and why?

There are a lot of social organization that I align with, but what has made a personal impact on me recently, is the rise of the everyday social activist. Meaning not necessarily someone who is in politics or social reform, but everyday people who are tired of seeing injustices, wanting to make a difference. That is really empowering. Proof that all you need is passion and a voice, and change can happen.


What do you hope for your profile and overall platform evolve into?

I want me platform to evolve into a safe place where people can have meaningful discussions and not feel attacked. A place where people from different viewpoints can come together and having meaningful conversation.


To catch Aja and her latest happenings, you can watch her videos on YouTube here. To follow Aja on instagram, @ajadang