Courtney Loo, Director and Co-Founder of Thrice Cooked Media


We met Courtney last summer through Mar, who made the introduction. Courtney, who already had a great portfolio in film, met with Chary and the two talked about identities and cnnekted on a creative and deep level. The two ended working together creating Shrimp Chips and Chocolate Milk  that was showcased in Mar's Art Show, How Would She Feel? Since that initial conversation, Courtney has launched her own company, Thrice Cooked Media, with two other creatives, and continues to  work with amazing brands and talents. Read about how her film journey started - 


How would your friends and colleagues describe you? 

“A hard-working psycho who laughs a lot” - my film partner/boyfriend, Dave


Can you tell us how you got involved in film, when was your first big “break”, and your company Thrice Cooked Media? 

I fell in love with film the first time I laid eyes on a 16mm bolex — I knew I needed to learn how to use one. Since I didn’t go to film school, I learned everything on YouTube: how to use a camera, Premiere Pro, After Effects, color grading… It was my film school!

I have two ALL STAR partners: Dave (my film partner) and Josh (who runs Thrice Cooked music). Together, we created Thrice Cooked Media. It’s an in-house film production company and music management/label. On the music side, we currently represent 4 musicians who we hope to grow and support so that they can achieve their full potential. On the film side, we direct, shoot, and edit all of our content — focusing on music videos, commercial content, and narrative shorts. 

This past year has been a wild ride. We don’t necessarily feel like we’ve had a big “break” yet — We definitely still have a lot of work to do to get to where we want to be. I’d say our most high-profile video is a music video we recently shot & directed for Famous Dex (coming out in April) — I’m really excited for that one to drop.


In your experience, how does it feel like to be a petite Asian-American woman in the industry? Proudest work up to date? 

It definitely hasn't been easy -- there have been countless times when I was really down on myself because I felt like I wasn't getting certain opportunities, especially behind the camera. However, there's a huge push for diversity in the film industry right now, and just this past year I've seen more opportunities for people of color to make films (such as special grants & more diverse judging panels at festivals). It's really inspiring to see so many badass women & people of color direct, write, and produce huge films & TV shows this past year -- it's an exciting time to be a young female filmmaker.

Proudest work up to date is a music video called Hoity Toity by Alex Mali ft. Melo-X. I love how as a filmmaker you get to meet and work with people who have an insane amount of creativity and energy, and Hoity Toity was filled with so many of these brilliant young creatives. This video's special to me because it's simple, beautiful, and feels super genuine and authentic. 


Best and worst advice you were given and one you’d like to share any aspiring artist? 

Best advice: Write about whatever you're obsessed with. 

Worst advice: "We can just fix it in post" -- plan lighting, color scheme, & shot list through thoroughly before shooting.

My advice: Learn by doing -- actually go out and make videos, even if it's just on your iPhone. 


How do you hope for you and your endeavor Thrice Cooked Media in the coming years

Directing music videos is definitely where I feel most alive -- I love music and I love film, so naturally music videos make sense. It's thrilling to bring your treatment to life during pre-pro and actually execute the day of. At Thrice Cooked Films, we're excited to work on more complex video concepts and to continue to build our portfolio with content that stands out from all the noise.

As for Thrice Cooked Music, we're looking forward to developing our 4 existing artists and bringing on more musicians as we grow our Company. For us, it's about living and breathing the artist's vision and helping them orchestrate that.


To learn more about Courtney, you can view some of her latest works on Vimeo here or here. Stay up to date with Thrice Cooked Media's instagram @thricedcookedmedia

Interviewed by Chary