Amy Chan, Founder of Renew Breakup Bootcamp and Writer

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This interview is very special to me because I discovered Amy's works very long ago. Her words have always resonated with me - whether it was on self-discovery or recovering from a recent heartbreak. It was by random of course, an article that surfaced on my Twitter Feed, and then I became an avid follower of her works on Just My Type. Let's just say, being vulnerable to the World opens unexpected doors, and that is what happened to Amy. She founded, Renew Breakup Bootcamp, which was featured on the New York Times' Style section! Read about how this writer is changing how we review relationships in today's spotlight: 


Amy, what did you want to be when you grow up and how did that inspire to be on the path you are today?

There was a key moment in childhood when I decided to become a writer. I was 10 years old and wrote a poem for Remembrance Day. At the end of class, my teacher pulled me aside and asked me about the poem. “Did you write this?” she asked.

I was afraid I was in trouble, and gulped, “uhh... yes I did.”

She then told me, “Amy, you have a gift. You’re such a good writer. This poem is incredible.”

I had never thought I was a good writer. And it was in that moment, through her belief, through her seeing in me something I couldn’t see, that I thought, “Oh, maybe I am good at this.” After that day, I prided myself as being a good writer, and became more and more interested in it. I started to write more, I started to be curious of other great authors and felt confidence in practicing my craft.

Prior to Renew Breakup Bootcamp, you wrote on your site Just My Type, can you tell us the importance for you to share your personal stories with others?

I created Just My Type because I felt it important to discuss topics that generally come with a lot of shame - from dealing with infidelity, to feeling the pressures of modern dating. I wanted to  share in an honest and vulnerable way with the hope that if I could help even just one person feel a little less alone in their journey, that to me, would be success.

What basically inspired you to take email inquiries from Just My Type to a whole new level and developing a business like Renew Breakup Bootcamp?

The business idea for Renew came to me two years ago. I realized that most of the emails I get from readers of my blog were from people going through breakups and completely distraught on how to handle the pain. It was an Aha! moment where everything came together, and I knew that I had to be the one to create a safe space for people to come and heal in a healthy way.


In your words, how do you define “healing”?

I define healing as a process where you process emotions in a healthy way (this means you don’t distract, suppress or avoid them), examine layer by layer the root of the wound to create awareness of subconscious storylines and patterns and learn the lesson from the pain so you can move through it and move forward.


What do you hope is the next stage for your new endeavor and personally?

The next stage is to take Renew’s philosophy of healing the heart in a scientific and spiritual way and taking it to the masses. I have just launched a text subscription service where I send inspirational messages and relationship hacks and subscribers can also text me directly. The second product is a 30 day email program for those fresh out of a breakup. Each day a new lesson rooted in science, spirituality or psychology is provided along with a daily ‘adventure’ where participants put knowledge into practice.

I will also be creating a follow-up retreat for Renew alumni focused on “Channeling Your Inner Dominatrix”. More to come on that!

Personally, I’ve been doodling a lot - yes doodling. You can check out my doodles here - it’s a fun creative outlet that’s getting momentum and I’d love to grow that more. I’m looking forward to learning about tantra, taking dance classes and exploring activities that get me in flow state.


Interested in Renew Breakup Bootcamp? Learn more here at or to keep up with Amy's happenings, you can follow her on instagram at @missamychan. Sidebar: Amy was featured on the New York Time's Style section cover, read more on that via The Times.

Interviewed by Chary