Nisha Garigarn, Co-Founder of Croissant

We were introduced to Nisha by a mutual lady-friend and it was an instant cnnektion. This former Californian with a Marketing background, had this strong desire for something more! That is why she packed her bags and left the West Coast. Now in New York, she co-founded a super savvy company, Croissant. Based in major cities in the States and internationally like Amsterdam, Berlin, and London, read about how and why she started her own business, and keeping it real about entrepreneurship in today's spotlight below: 


Nisha, if someone were to describe you in three words, what would they be?

creative, thoughtful, determined


Folks say that a lot of entrepreneurs started their business because there was a gap or a flaw in what you’re looking for  - can you share what that flaw was for you and your co-founders and how it became a catalyst for the business?

Yes! We very much built Croissant because we needed something like it ourselves. My co-founders and I were trying to meet up at various coffee shops in Manhattan. We were working on a completely separate startup idea at the time. Since we were a group of four, it was frustrating trying to find a good place to work together. We also looked into co-working spaces, but paying hundreds of dollars per month per person was not realistic for us at the time. We wanted an easy way to find flexible places to work in the City, but it didn’t exist. So we made it! :)


It goes without saying that starting a business is hard and often glorified, can you tell us something real about entrepreneurship?

I have a love/hate relationship with indicators of success. I grew up pursuing good grades and awards, and easy, measurable ways of judging how well I’m doing in life. I always followed the standard path. I catch myself trying to find that same path in entrepreneurship. But it doesn’t exist. There is no path, since by definition you’re doing something that hasn’t been done before.

It can be confusing for example when we get good press and everyone congratulates us. It’s furthering this idea that THIS is what a successful business looks like, when in reality the article was written to get as many eyeballs as possible and says nothing substantial about what is actually going on behind the scenes. My company is still the same, whether someone publishes the article or not. I am trying to detach myself from feeling chasing these congratulations, but it is tricky!


The worst and the best advice you were given in life / this business venture?

Best advice: You’re doing the best you can.

Worst advice: In the beginning, lots of people strongly advised us to change our company name to something more descriptive like “Book A Desk” or “Flex Workspace”. No thanks! We love our quirky name.

What is the most rewarding part of doing what you’re doing?

Our members are using Croissant daily to work on stuff they are passionate about! I truly believe that people are most productive when they are working on things they care deeply about. It is rewarding to be able to support these visionaries, and give them the space and flexibility they need to make magic happen.


What do you hope Croissant evolves into?

I see Croissant as the go-to app for flexible workspace! The days of the 9-5 cubicle life are over and people are working remotely now more than ever. We believe that the future of work is more mobile, and very dynamic. We’re building our app to help make everyday inspiring!

Every day, we have folks reaching out to request Croissant in their city! Right now, we have over 300 workspace partners. It’s a great start, but there are over 50,000 co-working spaces worldwide (and growing!) so there’s a long way to go. The goal is to be able to access inspiring workspaces whenever and wherever.


To explore Croissant's offerings, please visit To stalk, we mean "follow" Nisha, you can find her at @nishsticks and to stay in the loop @getcroissant. 

Interviewed by Chary + Emily

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