Europe Angelique, Founder of Prime Culture Creative

Photos By: Elijah Dom

Photos By: Elijah Dom

Here at thecnnekt, we not only thrive on sharing stories, but we also love sharing contacts and building those genuine connections! Europe Angelique’s information was passed to us by an audience member of The Female Word panel that thecnnekt had the honor to speak on. When looking into this female leader, her work blew us away. As the creator of Prime Culture Creative, a diverse and inclusive media company, she is making a lot of noise with her and her artists’ work, especially those female powerhouses. Interested in how Europe stands out loud in such a male dominated industry? Read along for major genius:

Europe, why art and music?

I always knew that I never wanted the typical 9-5 cubicle job.  I have always wanted a lifestyle that allows me travel, create, work and have fun. Art and music and entertainment allows me to do that.

You stepped away from some pretty big opportunities in the industry to start your own company. Can you describe “the jump”?

Working for myself, freelancing has been the hardest yet most rewarding decision that I have made for my career so far.  It was definitely a sacrifice not getting paid a salary. I’ve thought about getting a corporate job countless times, but there is something so rewarding about locking in clients and paying myself. Makes me want to work that much harder knowing that I’m providing for myself.


With representing many different artists, styles, lyrics, etc, how do you stay true to YOU and your brand ethos. Does this ever play a role when deciding on signing certain talent?

Frankly, I am a very direct person, I don’t ever straddle the fence.  I’ve always had a clear vision of how I want my brand to be perceived.  Clean, fresh and progressive. This reflects in my client roster. I’d say I have a great gage of talent.  If I don’t feel like the client will get placed I simply won’t take them on. In summary, if you know you know.


We talked about the important of a woman to represent a women artists in such a male dominated industry. Can you share your thoughts on this with our community?

It’s important for women to have a proper form of representation in such a male-dominated industry.  It also works to my advantage. A lot of females prefer to work with me because I am a woman and I can relate to them on a personal level. My job goes beyond the music or the art. We have to communicate on a daily basis so I tend to focus on the positives and what I contribute to the industry as a woman vs concentrating on the negatives of being in a male dominated industry.

Tunnel vision (haha).


What’s next for both Europe and Prime Culture Creative?

I am all about ‘more moves less announcements’ so you’ll have to stay tuned! :)


To learn more about Prime Culture Creative, you can visit or on instagram @primeculturecreative

Interviewed by Emily