Blair Socci, Comedian

Photo Credit: Dee Guerreros

Photo Credit: Dee Guerreros

If you go to a lot of comedy shows, we are certain you may recognize her name: Blair Socci. She co-hosted a comedy show with Corrine Fisher (from the podcast Guys We Fucked), called Nacho Bitches at the New York Comedy Club. Her performance has a unique and quirky humor that will have you LOLing. Women have always been funny, and you don't have to tell us twice. Read about how Blair broke into comedy and performing in notable venues from LA to NY.

Blair, what are three words that describes your humor?

Bizarre, silly, scary

Unless you have your own Netflix special or  you’re on SNL, being a comedian is a tough gig when it comes to pay. What and why did you decide to do comedy? Was it for more fulfillment or success purposes?

The first time I saw a comedy show, I was 25 years old. I didn’t grow up watching comedy or following it so I knew absolutely nothing about it. But when I found it, something clicked like I found something I didn't know I was looking for.  I started interviewing comics for Splitsider and W Magazine and then about six months later I had a thought in the shower that I should try it.

I got on stage a few days later. My legs shook on stage for months. I definitely never ever EVER thought it would be my career when I started. Now I know I could never do anything else. It’s a hard, long road but not doing what you love is more painful in my opinion.

Besides, how else would I get paid in drink tickets that allow me to drink rank chardonnay in dark basements across the country?


As a female comedian, do you ever feel like sex jokes get old?

I think anything gets old if it’s not an original take on the subject, man or woman. Like the saying goes, there are no new premises, only perspectives. Women often get labeled as “sex comics” or get shit for talking about sex even a little but when a man does it, he’s just a regular comic. Women have sex just as much as men so why wouldn’t they talk about it. In that way, women talking about sex on stage is actually a fresh take on a subject that’s primarily only been talked about from one (male) angle for the last 50 years.


You mentioned you moved back to LA, where you’re originally from. Can you compare/contrast the comedy scenes and which community do you prefer and resonate with you?

I’m actually from Orange County but I went to UCLA for college. Compare the scenes, hmm, I love them both. New York is way grittier and you can get up a million times a night which is so cool and important to get good. I miss all my friends so much! But, LA is a way better quality of life and all the work is here. Now my life is about hiking and citrus.


In addition to comedy, what are some of your other passions and projects that fuel your fire?

My other passions include watching Housewives and eating salami until I can’t breathe.


What should we expect from you, next?

I am most positive that I am going to be a major movie star very soon. I will be humble but also forget a lot of the people that supported me along the way.


You can follow Blair on Twitter and Instagram at @blairsocci. She is the host of The Blair and Greta Show every Tuesday at Genghis Cohen in West Hollywood. 

Interviewed by Chary