Ivy Mix, Mixologist and Founder of Speed Rack


If you Google "Ivy Mix" you'll find out she's America's Best Bartender. Yes, you read that right. Or maybe you don't recognize her, but her booze - she also made the best winter cocktail via TimeOut Magazine. She doesn't always stand behind the bar either, she also co-runs Leyenda in Brooklyn, and organizes a bartending competition called Speed Rack. Oh, all proceeds benefit a cause. Wow, right? Read more about Ivy below: 


Ivy, if you had to write a memoir, what would you title it?

One more for the Road.

Can you tell us about Leyenda and what inspired to you open your own bar?

Leyenda is my little baby. The options were I was either going to move back to Latin America and explore down there or I was going to bring a little more of Latin America to Brooklyn. So was born Leyenda.

Also, we know you founded Speed Rack - what was your catalyst and why did you feel the need to have this kind of competition?

We wanted to create a platform for women to stand on in a male dominated industry. Back in 2009-ish and then in 2011 when we launched, it really seemed that "Mixologist" meant man with a mustache. We wanted to prove that there was room for women in this industry.

How do you select the beneficiaries for Speed Rack?

We are now very well versed in the world of Breast Cancer charities. We select ours by good vetting and by those who echo our sentiments and ethics.

Worst and best cocktail you ever had?

Gosh.... hard to say! I love a pina colada.... I have to say. But recently, I did a Singani 63 event in London with Alex Day and his Bounce House was delicious! Worst one? They are ENDLESS.

What has been the most rewarding experience for you so far?

In regards to the bar, I think it is certainly seeing Leyenda grow. When we first opened the bar was completely tied to me and if I wasn't there, people thought they were missing something. Now the team has been nominated by TimeOut NYC for having the Best Bar Crew and also by Tales of the Cocktail for having the Best Bar Team. It feels great to see the staff that has ALWAYS made Leyenda what it is get credit for being so awesome and working so well together.

How do you hope Speed Rack, Leyanda and you evolve into the next few years?

That's the million dollar question. :) Everything feels great right now. I would be interested in expanding someday but we'll see how that happens. I just want to keep making a difference about the things I care about.


To know where Ivy is up to, you can follow her on instagram @ivymix. In Brooklyn, get to her bar Leyenda here. To see more coverage on Ivy, you can read this one via The Daily Beast. To learn more about Speed Rack and compete, you can visit that here.

Interview by Chary