Jen Proctor, Founder of Cultivated entertainment

Photo Credit: Ashley Streff, @ashleystreff

Photo Credit: Ashley Streff, @ashleystreff

The entertainment industry is massive and competitive. So how did this small-town California girl break into it and make it her own? Jen Proctor, founder of Cultivated Entertainment, works closely with clients to provide them with A-list talent to ensure their projects, both big and small, will shine to its brightest ability. Read about how Jen worked hard to discovered her own shine and self-worth in her career and that pivotal moment when she decided to take on starting her own business. 


Jen, what about the entertainment industry excites you and how did you break into it?

When I wake up every morning, I never know what kind of adventure the day will take me on. THAT makes me so excited. The Entertainment Industry is literally changing everyday. Now more than ever content and the ability to create content is accessible. The people I get to work with are incredible.

I always knew I wanted to be in the Entertainment Industry. From the time I was a little girl, I was obsessed with singing and performing. I got my degree in Communication and Journalism at USC and there, I had the opportunity to dive into multiple internships in the space. I learned about all the different facets of the industry- what I liked and didn’t like, what I was good at and what I needed/wanted to learn more about. Upon graduating I set off for my career in the industry. Since then I’ve worked at networks, agencies and production companies. All of this experience created the deep knowledge and understanding that I have of  the industry and what I attribute the success of of my company, Cultivated Entertainment to.


What became the determining factor for you to start your own entertainment company, Cultivated? I know you mentioned you wanted to create a life for yourself - what does that mean for you?  

I reached a point where I was working insane hours across multiple projects at my job. Some of the projects I was excited about and others not so much. I wanted the ability to choose the projects I work on and take the clients/jobs that excited me. Beyond that, I was making the same amount of money at my job whether I was working on one project or 50. I knew my worth and I knew what I had to offer. I took the leap and now my previous employer is one of my best clients. I adore every one of them and love the fact that we still get to work together every day!


In addition to talking about creating a life for yourself, you said you discovered your self-worth as you advanced in your career. For someone who doesn’t  know where to start, how do you advise one going about that?

You should always be learning and growing in your career and every day be inspired by something or someone. If none of the above are happening, then take a step back, and reevaluate what you bring to the table and what its worth. If you aren’t excited to be heading to work everyday then something isn’t lining up!


Photo Credit: Ashley Streff, @ashleystreff

Photo Credit: Ashley Streff, @ashleystreff

What has been extremely rewarding for you while growing your company?

Watching my company grow! We are consistently adding new members to our team and we recently expanded to NYC. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to build an incredible team of hard workers who work hard, trust each other, and are inspired and excited to be a part of what we are doing.


How do you see Cultivated evolved in the next five years?

We are going INTERNATIONAL! Well that’s the plan anyways. We’ve done a significant amount of business overseas and I really want to continue to expand that for us. There is nothing I love more than travel, and the opportunity to work with different countries and cultures makes me so excited and inspired.


To learn more about Cultivated, you can visit the website or you can follow Jen and her business adventures via instagram @cultivatedentertainment


Interviewed by Chary