Lisa Nicole Rosado, Founder of We Are Women Owned

The phrase goes: she is small, but mighty. Usually to describe someone who has a lot of power and strength, but is physically small. Lisa Nicole Rosado single-handedly started an immersive pop-up shop (and an online community) in the Greater New York Area, We Are Women Owned (WAWO).

What is so beautiful about getting to know Lisa is that you don’t have to guess who she is. She shows you upfront. Lisa was not afraid to be vulnerable with us off the bat —by disclosing her sister’s and mother’s disabilities, and how she wants to find ways to incorporate more awareness to tie into WAWO’s mission. And this is the first time we have ever met in real-life and by way of introductions through mutual friends, but she gave us her life story, shamelessly and honestly.

We explored her career trajectory—what inspired her to launch a Facebook group, and how it all began. What started out of “selfish needs” and this appetite for innovative minds to bounce ideas off of and to find a collective group of women where she felt most connected, she created We Are Women Owned. A private group where members can extend invitations to other women who do amazing shit.

The WAWO Sisterhood swap helpful ideas and contacts to support one another in their respective works. But before she started to rally women entrepreneurs into this online group and create a memorable experience with pop-ups, Lisa was a buyer for a local boutique.

Lisa launched her own shop with a six piece capsule collection, a mix-and-match. Within a few months into launching her own collection, Lisa took her love and experience of buying and began to incorporate pieces from brands she adored into her own shop.

The idea of bringing together people to experience a brand—the touch, feel, see, and get to know the folks behind it, was something Lisa realized that was crucial to differentiate what was not happening with an online marketplace. Emotionally during this time, Lisa was also feeling isolated from her fellow peers and was longing for a collective of female entrepreneurs.


Her desire and talents segued into a natural result hosting a pop-up shopping event alongside women who were also running her own business.

Lisa was awarded $1,000 to put toward a pop-up space of her choice in New York City from ThisOpenSpace's database in September 2017. It was during the planning process of this specific pop-up (and my second one ever) that she decided she wanted to incorporate mentorship and share resources to help our vendors maximize their pop-up experience.  

Lisa says, “I am always on a mission to create as much ease as possible for our vendors and want them to enter & leave our events feeling completely empowered and less alone. Throughout this time, I really began to tap into my true potential, what energized me most and the impact I desire to leave in this world. Nothing had ever made me quite as happy or left me feeling quite as fulfilled as assisting female entrepreneurs & supporting their dreams and endeavors. I also recognized the power & magnitude of women coming together and how much more we can achieve as a collective.”

This is when Lisa decided to put her online shop on the backburner and pursue hosting pop-ups, leading masterminds, offering 1:1 mentorship & fostering community full force. In March 2019, We Are Women Owned (WAWO) was born. Because of its instantaneous success, Lisa spoke to us feeling burnt out after hosting nine pop-up shops, back-to-back.

Therapy became a reasonable option. Mai referred My Wellbeing and now, Lisa is happily with her therapist. She talked about what she has gained from her experiences thus far and encourages people to find help. We also discussed developing boundaries in addition to taking care of herself first before she can show up for others in the way it is meaningful.

“I care too much,” she says. And we’re all too familiar with that feeling. “I love supporting people. I love what the community has provided for these women. I have to remind myself what I am doing is really awesome. You feel that sisterhood.”

We closed the evening with upcoming news and what she has to look forward to—plentiful of excitement. First up, an upcoming pop-up if you’re in New York City April 26-28th.

Written by Chary

Learn more about Lisa by following @wearewomenowned on instagram. See more of what’s happening, here.