Pamela Delgado, Rawly Bold


Pamela Delgado is the founder of Rawly Bold, a hand-printed apparel and accessory collection aimed at inspiring women with motivational sayings. This NYC based company is woman owned, ethically made and constantly donating proceeds to amazing charities and organizations like Planned Parenthood. Not only did Pamela create this powerful e-shop, but she built RB into a community that celebrates each other's superpowers. We all know the world needs more of that right now. Keep reading to learn about why Pamela started this and how you can get involved in her mission.

Pamela, there were a multitude of things that inspired you to start Rawly Bold. Do you mind sharing? (mom, negative world- especially for women, pay inequality

A few things inspired me to start Rawly Bold and being a mother when the world has become consistently negative is one. As a mother of two, the gun violence in our schools has been a nightmare. I didn’t grow up having drills on how to deal with an active shooter and I hope we get to a point where we no longer need to. The Me Too movement and the constant discrimination women face has inspired me. I have experienced pay inequality in the workforce and one thing is knowing it exists while the other is experiencing it. After having multiple conversations with my higher ups and being rejected, I knew I had to take more control of my life and could no longer let my dreams be in the hands of others. After months of planning and prepping I launched the dot come, October 2017 with the goal of creating a positive community. Rawly Bold is an ethically made graphic apparel line created to remind you that you matter and you can still thrive despite obstacles you may face. 

You are right, women have been going through bullshit for most of history, but we truly feel like now is our time. How do you plan to use Rawly Bold to push the needle forward in this revelation? 

We are working on some amazing collaborations with organizations who focus on social issues. We’ve been donating to organizations that I feel have made positive changes in the issues that we’ve been facing, those organizations are ACLU, Planned Parenthood and Everytown. We are currently brainstorming on ways we can host events where we can have those challenging conversations that we may not feel safe doing so at home or in our communities. We want to get our audience involved. We are not the only ones experiencing these issues. We are open to hearing ideas and ways we can work with those in our community. It’s an effort that requires unity and the need for positivity which is the core of why we launched. 

What about trans and non-gender conforming folks? Does Rawly Bold support their struggle and fight for equality, too? 

I absolutely support the LGBTQ+ community! The discrimination people who identify with LGBTQ+ is horrifying. I am so grateful for those who have supported Rawly Bold and I proudly speak out for them.

People should be allowed to be and love who they want. Just be kind. We are all human.


Circling back to pay inequality, you still remain at the same job where you have experienced this. Can you explain how you went about approaching the pay gap and the outcome? 

I was at a work event a few years ago and colleagues started going deep into subjects they were unhappy with including their salary. I could have won an Academy Award because my poker face was on point, meanwhile, my blood was boiling. Their salaries were around $30,000 more than mine. I am a mom and to be honest I thought, let me pull out the mom cards during my negotiations thinking it would work but, it didn’t so, please don’t take my advice.

I had conversations after baby number 1, while I was expecting baby number 2 and after baby number 2. I got “no” every time. I got excuses like ,”The timing isn’t right” or “You didn’t come from a medical background.” I may not have come from the same industry as others but, I was delivering everything they wanted, when they wanted it. I eventually got a raise yet, still not equal. I am in medical sales and the flexibility and benefits are really good. The flexibility helps me spend more time with my kids. I can take them to and from school, etc. So, instead of leaving them I am using them as my “investor” and have fully self-funded Rawly Bold. 


Many companies came out with a similar concept after the darkness surrounding the election, but have slowly died down. Do you feel like they were using the political climate as a social trend and jumping on the bandwagon for their own monetary greed? 

I don’t know. Perhaps... It’s a very easy thing to do these days. How good would that be for longevity though? That would not be a move I’d make to leave a legacy nor would it be the ethical thing to do. Yes, you want to find and solve a problem with your business but, not at the sake of others. I found a problem that requires all of us to solve and at some point in our lives we’re going to need some inspiration because life isn’t always perfect. 

Obviously Rawly Bold is only getting bigger and better. How have you stood out from the crowded space?

I think being honest has helped, being fearlessly authentic. I don’t paint a facade with my business. I try to keep it as honest and transparent as possible making it easier for us to relate to one another. We have a lot in common by being women regardless of what we look like or where we’re from. Let’s celebrate that and unite to inspire, motivate and empower others. 

Pamela, something exciting is coming up next for you and Rawly Bold. Can you share with our community? 

Our summer pop-up store is coming up! I have joined forces with about 8 women owned brands to curate a one of a kind shopping experience. It’s August 16, 17, 18 on Bowery and Rivington (NYC). We have complimentary perks and experiences each day! We are launching a brand new t-shirt at the pop up so, make sure to stop by and get it before anybody else! It’s a family friendly space so, feel free to stop by with the whole family and please please introduce yourselves to me. I’d love to meet you all! 

Interviewed by Emily

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