Codie Kyle, Artist of CK Goods


Codie Kyle caught our eye a long time ago when she launched CK Goods with her signature color palette and consistent style. This artist draws inspiration from her world travels, creative mother and an entrepreneurial family. Read on to learn how and why Codie succeeds with no rules and no limits, keeping her work free and spirited.

Codie, what were you doing BEFORE art? Is this something you are still up to, or did you make the jump to do this full time to follow your passion?

Art is something I have always been involved with, but not something I thought I would do for my income. Growing up with a mom who is an artist resulted in plenty of opportunity for me to be making in some shape or form for as long as I can remember. Her studio was connected to our house so I certainly spent my fair share of time in there. Prior to doing this full time, I worked at a contemporary art gallery, an art supply store, and a plant shop (all at different times but all equally as important!)- but I was always painting before and after work, at that time it was just for my own sanity! I only made the jump to doing this full time when it became too much to juggle other jobs as well!

You have a very distinctive color palette. How did you land on this signature?

About two years ago I was backpacking through Indonesia and started to use these tones more frequently, at some point it just sort of became a challenge for me to see how far I could push them!

Do you feel it’s important for all artists to have this kind of consistency? Does it help with recognition? 

I think the most important thing for an artist to do is to be able to express themselves naturally- if there’s some sort of consistency in that, great! If not, great! Ultimately I believe if you’re creating what feels naturally ‘you’ and doing what feels good there will be recognition in that. 

The industry is tough is so many ways- financially, long hours, etc. Have you ever thought about giving up? If so, how did you turn things around and persevere?

Time is a funny thing, ‘long hours’ feel different when you’re working on something that feels good.

Giving up isn’t something that’s crossed my mind. I’m young, I have no kids and therefore no one to rely on my income; if some months I make less than others but I’m still able to spend my days listening to music, wearing paint covered overalls and painting all day, I am happy.  I feel like creating in this way I’ve really been able to come into my own, I feel lucky to be doing what I’m doing and genuinely loving every step of the process- good times and tough times- it all feels fulfilling and rewarding and honestly, I couldn’t imagine spending my days any other way regardless of how unpredictable, or unstructured it may be- that’s sort of the thrill of it! 

What about the age we live in- do you feel that digital art has taken a toll on IRL art? And how would you define an “artist” these days?


There are no rules to art! The world needs more of it and more people making it, so whatever shape that medium comes in for you, I say keep on keepin’ on!

What is coming up for you, Codie, that we should be looking out for?

Lots of murals! I’m SO excited! I also have a few collaboration projects will be released in the coming months and I am so ready to be able to show everyone, they’ve been under wraps for a while now!

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Interviewed by Emily