Chinae Alexander, Writer + Lifestyle Expert


We discovered Chinae through instagram, naturally in our Discover Feed. After combing through her content and watching her stories for a whole five-minutes, we could not resist an introduction email. Through this stalking period, we discovered Chinae Alexander is a Jane of All Trades. She writes for great publications like Well+Good, a Global Brand Ambassador for Adidas, vlogs on YouTube, and so much more! We fell in love with her is because she keeps it real. We're only two of the thousands of followers on social media, but her authenticity and engagement with her followers and friends make us feel really cnnekted to her. 

Get to know Chinae through today's Spotlight interview:


Chinae, as a little gal from Texas, what did you want to be when you were growing up?

I’m not sure what I wanted to be, but I KNEW from 8 years old that I wanted to live in New York. I was always doing things in front of audiences, so maybe living my life publicly was always meant to be!

You are involved in so many roles and do many incredible things, is there one in particular that you enjoy most doing?

I really enjoy the writing aspect of my work. Sitting down to put your thoughts into something concrete and then sharing them with the world is a powerful practice. I think when someone says they resonated with something I wrote….it’s the best compliment.

Can you tell us about how you found your “voice” and why it was important for you to share it with the world?

Ever since I was a small child I have had a unique perspective and way of being. I think more than “finding my voice”, I just didn’t let people or events put a damper on my voice.

I find it especially important to practice honesty even if it might be controversial. Honesty is what people crave.

As for the importance of my voice, I am not sure mine is any more poignant or special than anyone else. I just always try to share my feelings in the hope that someone sees it and feels brave enough to share their own.

If you can give your younger self and anyone in your position an advice, what would those words of inspiration be?

Don’t say what you want to be, say what you WILL be. Owning what you are without fear of failing is key to thriving.

I would also just encourage anyone who’s reading this to steer clear of the need to have yourself all figured out. This life is happening exactly the way it’s supposed to. The way we mess it up is by forcing our will against what is already in motion. Trust that you might not be able to see the path, but as long as you pursue it with passion, hard work, honesty, and trust…you will end up exactly where you are meant to be.

As someone who is actively in this space, how do you define “beauty”, “health”, and “wellness”?

It’s deep appreciation for yourself. Wellness is the act of nurturing your mind, body, and spirit in the ways YOU need.

What’s next for you, Chinae?

I WILL write my book. I WILL have a podcast. I WILL travel around the world speaking to women. But I will also live in a flexible state that everything will be as it should be, in the timing it should be. So I’m not sure about what’s next…everything is eventual!


To stalk Chinae, you can follow her on instagram @chinaealexander. Craving more of her realness, you can also subscribe to her via Youtube

Interview by Chary