I did not grow up loving transportation. As a kid I once got separated from my family on a winter trip to NYC. My sisters won't let me live it down, the time "I got lost on the subway." 

Remember? Good times.

Now, however, I relish the consistency of a rocking train, a humming airplane, a heated car with a working light. I guess I've grown accustomed to that sense of predictability and control, coupled with that freeing feeling of being along for the ride. I've written some of my best thought pieces and songs on trains. I've also had some great conversations there. Philosophical debates: "can you feel all our heart beats syncing up?", and so forth. It's so much better than just falling asleep. I would far rather live my dreams than sleep for them.

I came to the city not to get lost this time but to be a writer. at this moment I am a mere student. A student, who takes the modeling gigs she finds on Craigslist (cough: underrated!) and cries alone in the park to Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' when it is one. Who drags her friends to the new MET exhibit and then proceeds to write extensive articles about this one exhibit in painstaking detail.

Basically, I've been writing all I can, praying each step leads me to someday end up on my feet. This train is moving faster than ever in my 20th year.

I am thankful to be here. I am thankful for trains.


Written by Olivia

Olivia Pellegrini is a New England-based writer. She studies writing, the humanities, and music at Sarah Lawrence College, and is generally addicted to coffee. She aspires to become an acclaimed writer or music journalist one day.