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Starting this week, I am on a new career path.

I will be working in one of New York's finest recruiting agency. I'm nervous, but eager to embark this new chapter in my life. LinkedIn and Facebook updated. Yeah, it's real. 

Before I secured this opportunity - I had a whole month to explore new places (eateries and bars), zone in with thecnnekt, write and pitch stories to be published, and the most importantly - evaluate my direction in life. 

I had the time to really resetReset on myself and my career. 

There are so many life's uncertainties, as I am sure we all feel, but I knew I had this strong desire to start somewhere new and outside of fashion. This 'want' for something new has been brewing in me for a very long time. I was ready to be stimulated and challenged in a new working environment. Above all, I wanted to be valued as an employee and individual.

At first, when you are out of a job, you are panicking and getting whatever you can. Not having time to think about what appropriate steps to take. The whole conflict is: beggars can't be choosers. 

I didn't want to be a beggar anymore. I wanted to choose wisely. I had a jump start on the job search since late August and early September. While this has been a slow moving process, it allowed me some time. So, I genuinely asked myself: do you really want this? 

The career lateral direction was a move we all saw coming. This time in the job search, I consciously sought positions outside of the fashion and PR arenas. You all can agree with me that job hunting is such a painful experience. There is a lot of labor in this and so many emotions, at least for me.

I have never felt so insecure about my professionalism and competency until I began looking into different industries. My initial reactions were: what if I am not smart enough? Can I really do this? Am I selling myself short? Do you really, really, really want this job?

These reactions are normal, I tell myself. And if you haven't noticed - I'm insecure AF. 

But anyway, I just wanted to share that little bit with you: if you are serious about making a change in your career, take your time to evaluate the roles out there and once you find out what space you want to be in, be assertive. 

I think a repeated lesson here is: take fucking risks and learn to bet on yourself. It's worth the gamble. You'll be surprised. For me, it's all well-deserved and I'm feeling incredibly thankful.



Written by Chary

Originally published on my personal blog.