Voting for a Third-Party

There hasn’t been anything more relevant in 2016 than the Presidential Election. It has stirred up racial, sexist, and religious controversy from every angle imaginable. If it isn’t a sexual harassment accusation on Trump, it’s a stab at Clinton deleting her 33K emails and defending a rapist in her years practicing law. So do we vote Trump to keep the wolf in sheep clothing out of office, or say #ImWithHer just to keep Trump’s finger off our nuclear war button?

Why does this election feel like a complete insult to American intelligence?

What many, many Americans forget is that we are so much more than a two-party system. The competition, scandals, and corruption between the Republican and Democratic parties only beefs up ratings for the media. We need to consider those candidates who are not talked all over the news, such as Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Evan McMullin.

Governor Gary Johnson is one of the most popular of the third-party candidates. He is a former two-term Governor and the Libertarian candidate responsible for the #letgarydebate trending hashtag. He has more liberal views like Clinton, without the mile long resume of scandals and political coverups. Also, almost his entire campaign was sponsored by small donors, which is huge (or as Trump would way “yuge”) compared to the candidates who are being funded by big corporate donors. It goes to show who he is fighting for.

Doctor Jill Stein is the political candidate of the Green Party in both 2012 and 2016.  She currently holds the most votes ever casted for a female presidential candidate. She is a Harvard graduate practicing physician and an environmental-health advocate. She is all about environmentally cautious reform, and uses that same mindset in every political issue including racial injustices and green jobs and is also mostly endorsed by small donors.  

Evan McMullin was recently written about by CBS news in his recent surge over Utah, where many voters are quickly rejecting Trump as their Republican candidate. Although he is only on the ballot in 11 different states, it is those states which if he wins, neither candidate will have enough electoral votes to become President and it will be left up to the Congress to decide on who will hold the White House. Conservatism is not racism, and it’s time there is a conservative movement that’s welcoming to people of all races and religions.

I recently stumbled across an article on from Elle Magazine’s Twitter about voting Third Party, claiming that voting third-party could potentially make the “best” candidate lose the election. She goes more into detail about her crappy date than the actual Presidential Candidates. The fact is, there doesn’t have to be only a third party. There can be a fourth, fifth, and so on! Also, it is fact that many people are only voting for Clinton because she isn’t Trump. There shouldn’t be a lesser of two evil vote. It should be who is best fit for the position as our President. Not just women, but all American citizens have access to information and should be researching who is running for this position. Make educated decisions not based on what would be best for the entire country. Not how something makes only your demographic feel.

When women were given the right to vote, we were ultimately expected to vote for whoever their husband, boyfriend, or parents were selecting. This is hardly the case anymore. Watching a couple debates on main networks is not enough. People need to go on the internet, look at not only the social media pages, but also the various foundations and websites that these candidates sponsor. There is plenty of time before November 8th to research and come up with an educated decision on who should run an entire country and interact with other world leaders! If anything, this election will show how outdated the electoral voting system is, and how we have to allow the popular vote to choose. Also, the two-party system is not only a sham, it doesn’t even exist.

There are candidates who just simply aren’t getting the airtime they need. Abraham Lincoln was the last third-party candidate to win an election over 100 years ago. It’s probably a good time to repeat that small piece of history!


Written by Melissa

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*Disclaimer: This story is in no way a reflection of thecnnekt's political views.