Editors' Note: Happy Holidays!

Hi Ladies and Gents,

We wanted to wish you a happy and healthy Holiday Season. As we attend our parties or use our days off to travel, keep in mind what the holidays are really about. While some of you celebrate for religious reasons and others uphold yearly traditions, we all have something in common. We spend time with the people we love; our family. Family, blood or not, are those people by our sides when all else fails.

YOU, our readers, are family. As we relax and we reflect, we are counting you all in our blessings and encourage you so do the same. So let'sneat lots of food, cuddle up under that warm blanket, and smile because you are HOME. And if you are not home, for whatever reason, know that The Cnnekt is your home away from home and we've got each other. 

Bear Hugs, Champagne Kisses, and LOVE.

- Em + Chary