Resolutions: 2017

You know we like to be open, honest, and REALLY RAW with you, right? Well if you don't, brace yourself because we are getting really personal below. Chary and I have evaluated our deepest desires, weaknesses, fears, etc. and turned each one of these into action plans. Most of you would call these "resolutions."

With 2017 vastly approaching, using this word seems rather appropriate! See below for some unique (and some basic) goals. We hope this inspires you to evaluate your life. There is always room for improvements.

Emily's Resolutions:

- BECOME AN ACTIVIST: The year 2016 brought about extreme chaos in politics, the environment, women's rights, etc. YOU can help put the pieces back together. Talk less and do more.

- TRY SOMETHING NEW EACH MONTH: Those things that have been on your mind but you're too afraid of doing them (sky diving, forgiving those who have hurt you, salsa dancing, asking for a raise) - make a list and check them off once a month. 

- DELETE FACEBOOK: You have extreme "fomo" (fear of missing out). Things that go on back home are not things that will make you grow as a person. Stop thinking "what-if" or getting caught up in stupid Facebook drama. This will also cut the time you spend on the phone in half and help you focus on what is really important in life.

- DONT GOSSIP: Just stop. It gets you nowhere. Point blank.

- CREATE A GRATITUDE JOURNAL: You are always talking and writing about the people and things you are thankful for. Write them down each day and see the all the positivity it collects at the end of the year.

Chary's Resolutions:

- COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: In addition to building a like-minded women's community with thecnnekt, it is time to volunteer more in soup kitchens, community clean ups, or at a senior home. Why? Because there is this great goodness feeling that creeps on your soul. 

- GET POLITICAL: Similar to Emily, I intend to be more involved and aware in things that hits home for me. Even if you can't ditch work for an all-day protest, donating monetary goods and educating yourself is better than doing nothing. Just. Do. Something.

- FINANCES: The perks of living in New York is that there are so many free things going on, thanks to But the cost of living is high, so see where you can minimize your costs. Spending that $5.50 for that iced latte is probably putting a dent in your wallet - if you do the math, you can potentially save over $25 a week and put that towards something else and more meaningful - like a trip to Thailand in 2018. A little goes a long way. 

- HEALTH & WELL-BEING: Living in such a wild city like New York, that crazy impacts you. Next thing you know, you're crazy. (I know I am). In efforts to stay somewhat sane, self-care comes first. If that means saying "no" more often, then stay in and decompress. Or taking out your frustrations out in the gym - do what makes you feel good. You have to look out after yourself because if you don't, who will? They say summer bodies are made the winter, so let's hit the gym together and call it a date (I have unlimited guest passes!) (; 

- GROW & EXPLORE: Similar to Emily, trying something new each month is a way to break out of your comfort zone. Although being comfortable is nice and well, comfortable, it inhibits us from evolving as humans. We intend to pick up a new hobby or learn a new skill to better us as women. For me, exploring to parts of New York falls into this category - like going Upstate or trekking to Flushing for an all-day food adventure is trying something new.


We encourage you to share some of your goals with us! Why? Did you know that the more you share your goals with people, they keep you accountable and you are more likely to achieve them? Or simply by writing them down? Yeah, that's a fact. So, please drop us a line or send us a love note and tell us! We will keep tabs on you (; 

We hope you all have a great kickoff to the New Year and make shit happen in 2017. 


Emily + Chary