No Spend November: Recap

Guys, literally every big sale happens in November. It was Black Friday for basically the entire month.

I work right above Nordstrom and a mall. I had to walk by huge signs saying “40% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE” everyday. Pleased to say that I did way better than I thought I would.

I started strong, but slowly suffered towards the end of the month. I did however try to keep my mind busy with other activities. I learned how to knit, read a book, went hiking, finished building a table, reorganized my apartment and purged a ton of things I didn’t need- then I sold whatever clothes I no longer wanted on Poshmark. Whatever money I earned from Poshmark became my “fun money.” I ended up finding over the knee boots (that I have been looking for, for a long time) on sale for $68. I decided I could use the money I made on Poshmark to buy them because it wasn’t my paycheck. I personally don’t consider that cheating because I do not factor in any money I make on Poshmark to be part of my income.

Other than my weakness for shoes, I didn’t buy anything material-wise. I went to the movies twice, went out to eat twice, and did purchase coffee a couple times. I ended up with about $400 more than I usually would at the end of the month.

Success! I do think I will participate in it again next year, but maybe during a different month...

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Written by Kayla, Seattle Ambassador

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