When women support each other, incredible things happen.

- Rebecca Minkoff

You read our story. Now, you'll see it come to life. Here is the formal greeting:

Hi, welcome to thecnnekt. We created this platform to foster relationships amongst women in the City. 

"Is this another blog? Oh, you are doing networking events?"

Well, yes, but no. We function like a blog - share our stories, and not just Emily and myself, but talented women in New York. Women who come from different backgrounds in all aspects sharing their perspective on and in the City and highlight the everyday #GIRLBOSS. We hope that our stories will resonate with our community. 

As far as networking events - now, I personally don't like those because I get socially awkward, and it feels like I am in a job interview. It is not about giving you my business card - maybe we will get coffee, and you'll hook me up with a job a few months from now. What we're aiming towards is building genuine friendships. We will set up intimate events and you'll come to meet women who share the same needs and wants as you (she may even be quirky, too!)

That is why we created thecnnekt. To cnnekt women on-and-offline. 

Emily and I are so excited to have you join us!

- Chary, Co-founder + Contributor