When Career Goals Turn Hazy

Whoever said that working in fashion was fun must have never seen The Devil Wears Prada.

The World of Instagram has given off a false illusion of design and dress up, making it seem like work and play are the same thing. In reality, harsh commands and unrealistic expectations take a toll physically and mentally on your body.

So, is the ultimate goal of success really worth it, or even defined as "success" at all? 

Years of tough studies and unpaid internships were the "stepping-stones" on the path to major prosperity. My diagnosed Anxiety, OCD, and sleepless nights were not all part of the plan, but these things come with the territory, right? 

However, when I got to the top, it wasn't everything I imagined. I uprooted my life, separated from family and friends, and left my comfort zone to have it all. To me, "all" was this big time career, designer clothes, a fancy apartment in NYC, and a Sex & The City type of nightlife. But the big time career was an entry-level position, and the rent left me with no disposable income for the designer clothes or cocktails. 

The hard work is an obvious factor, but I thought the low appreciate rate was only in the moveis. These situations make you question things.

I put myself in school-loan debt to do this. Do I love this enough to keep going? If I don't love it, is the big move to NYC rent worth it? What I do on a day-to-day basis even really matter? How far will I go before I've reached my breaking point? 

Fashion is not the only trade that causes these whirlwind thoughts.

How many of you have worked your whole lives for something that turns out not quite what you imagined and makes you question everything you thought you were? 

Let me ask you this: are we all too invested to make the big change?  


Written by Emily