Becoming A Stay At Home Mom

The fear is not knowing, the beauty if discovering and the satisfaction is realizing.

The moment I found out I was expecting, I was in total shock. All of these emotions came flooding in, and immediately, I began thinking about how much more challenging life would become. In hindsight, I realized that my baby was actually the motivation I needed to unlock my creativity. 

At this point in time, I was working for an innovative corporate event firm in Chelsea, and truly loved my job. As my pregnancy progressed, I was certain that I would return to work after a two-month maternity leave. 

I did not take into account how much having a child would completely change me. Two months flew, and I was back at my desk, longing for my baby, and struggling to keep up my milk supply. 

Who was this sappy woman I had become? Was I really thinking about quitting my corporate job to be a Stay At Home Mom? Yes and no. Yes, I wanted to be the person that helped rear and educate my child, but no, I did not want to give up my career.

Here goes the Universe doing Her best: an issue with child-care arose and I had to leave my job. It was a bittersweet transition, but I knew that I was putting my child's best interest first. 

After a month being a SAHM, I began helping my partner with a few creative projects. His custom men's apparel line was flourishing. I borrowed my sister's professional camera to photograph products and in a cosmic way, I fell in love with photography - capturing a mood, an element, and stillness in time. There was this pride and ownership one feels after taking the perfect shot. I became hooked and inspired!

The thought of leaving my corporate job is far from my mind - I am home, caring for my child, helping my hubby with work and in the midst of all of this - I fell in love with cooking. Being a former culinary student and self-proclaimed "foodie," it was my weekly challenge to stretching every dollar at the market while keeping flavor at the forefront. 

I enjoyed following food accounts on social media - it was inspiring and I thought (cue cliche epiphany): 

why couldn't I do this? 

I can appeal to the everyday woman - mom or not. The "living on a budget cosmopolitan babe" who wants a robust meal that satisfies both her mind, body, and wallet. And that is how the my blog, NYCFoodMuse, came to life.  


Written by Rosanna Anil

Rosanna is a Brooklyn born budding food stylist and creator of the NYCFoodMuse blog. Food photographer and lover of all things savory.