Is it Just a Title?

I care too much about corporate titles because I am insecure. 

Well, that's off my chest. I think it has taken me awhile to come to terms with this. 

There is a reason for this, though. Working in a cut-throat industry such as fashion, I'm conditioned to think your title matters. I've been in positions where people undermine my capabilities and my intelligence because of what my title says in the company directory.  

I started my career as a receptionist - and because of this, I grew compassion for the Front Desk Staff. I know how it feels like to be shown less respect and dismissed/ ignored after greeting someone, "Good morning."

That's hella rude, by the way. 

I get the whole "you don't work hard enough" because others assumed I only answer phone calls and redirect them. I'd get assigned mindless tasks because individuals are lazy to do - all of this makes me feel less of a human and ultimately, that I am not bright enough. 

I like to think a role is never too small or too big. 

As a result, I was fighting to get on top of this corporate ladder so I can get a title that would reflect some authority and worthiness in the company. I wanted that respect from colleagues and felt with a "superior" title that would come, naturally. 

I wanted that validation and now writing this, it sounds so ludicrous. 

I know many people who have day-jobs as a server or working in a job that is irrelevant while pursuing their passions as side-hustle. Why can't I? It has been difficult to let go of my ego and and pride when it comes to making a career move or "demotion" because I want those credentials...

Ego aside, I absolutely know I need to view all of this differently - modify my perspective.

Because at the end of the day, a job title doesn't reflect who I am as a human being nor does it capture my characteristics. I know what I am and what I am not.

I am a writer. 


Written by Chary