Insayht's Flatlay Workshop

The Cnnekt is all for supporting our friends from photographers to content curators. We value the importance of keeping our creative juices flowing and surrounding ourselves with individuals who live, work, and create. 

Yesterday, Insahyt Creative hosted their very first Flatlay Workshop in Flatiron via Breather Room. The lovely founders and friends shared key tips - such as lighting, proportions, and quick tricks one never thinks of when preparing a visual display.

Chary: While it was so dreadful for me to wake up early on a Sunday, I made sure I hauled my ass there to support my friends and learn a couple new things about creating the ultimate flatlay. Something so basic as using a simple foam board as your background blew my mind. 

Em: As a visual merchandiser, I came into this class hoping to sharpen my table presentation skills. I wanted to pick up a new trick or two about composition and make a discovery about how my creative eye performs. Instead, I had a breakthrough in a totally different way. After learning about the history of flatlay, I was inspired to pick up props I never thought were necessarily “beautiful”. Instead of the fur vest, leather swatches and soft silks, my hands went toward the stones, pieces of paper, and greenery. I created “organized chaos” in a way that made me feel accomplished. In my day job, I am constantly moving garments around until I get a sense of satisfaction. Here, I let myself go and brought out my inner artist, telling me that things do not have to be perfectly within boundaries.

Although I did complete my last flatlay grounded in fashion pieces to reach the original goal, I walked out with much more than that. Connections and authentic inspiration was the end result. The ladies of Insahyt were also kind enough to provide mimosas, pastries and props for us, too! That is a successful Sunday in and of itself for me.

Congrats on your first workshop ladies and we wish you luck on your new success!


Chary + Em