The F-Word

I don't know when I proclaimed myself a feminist

It is one of those moments, where deep down inside, you felt a certain way, but didn’t know which label justified how you’d describe yourself.

However, I’d say I've been a feminist way before Beyonce's back drop with "feminist" spelled out in pink bold letters. I have been a feminist long before it became the “thing to be” or be deemed as a trend.

Prior to educating myself, I didn't see the reason why women were fighting for Rights. I thought we had it all; I didn’t know about the pay gap, policies on Maternity leave, or the double standards that existed. What I did know was how women were being mistreated in our communities, under our own roofs, especially how women were depicted in films and objectified, hyper-sexualized in music, but I stayed quiet because I thought was “normal.”

Little did I know being born a woman meant I was being born into a set of "women are supposed to" bullshit standards.I grew comfortable speaking about women issues and wear this title fearlessly. 

Silence no more.

I have always been a curious soul even at a young age - always questioned “why,” which led me to dig deeper. I began to educate myself with classes and books and surround myself amongst like-minded women, all of which made me feel empowered as an Asian-American woman.

Considering how much America has made tremendous strides towards equality, when I come across men and women, alike, who refuse to take ownership of that Feminist title, I am curious to know why. They refuse the identifier because they’re are fearful of the "f-word." There are plenty of arguments that suggests - why not call it “humanist?” Whether you disagree with the label or not, if you believe in equality then buddy, you are a feminist.

Genders aside, equality for all? If you are a man, wouldn't you want your mother, sister, or daughter having the same opportunities and rights as your father, brother, or son?

Trend or not, I am happy that we are in an era where women shattered the glass ceiling. What a beautiful time it is to be a woman.


Written by Chary