I'm (Not) a One Girl Revolution

I used to be the girl that proclaimed, proudly, to everyone in earshot, "I can take care of myself!" After all, I could change a tire on my own - the ultimate status symbol of a girl who didn't need a man - I only needed me.

This is an ideal in our culture nowadays: to be the ultimate independent woman. We've rebelled so much against the 50s housewife image, that we're now swinging on the opposite end of the pendulum. We are in the era of the fierce loner. 

In this era, we ask for no help. We do it on our own. We go home at night, and all we need is our own company. We are alone, and that's okay...but we're missing something...


It's okay to be an independent, strong, and self-sufficient woman, but does that mean we need to be so utterly alone? Does that mean we have to do everything ourselves? 

Humans were made for community. We were made to be in tribes, and tribes are made up of many people. that means if you're just hanging with your boyfriend (or partner), that's also not enough of a community. 

Because, you see, something happens when you have amazing community around you, and not just anyone will do. This comes to the second part of my story, because not only do you need community, but you need: 


If someone in your life constantly brings you down or drains you of life they're not the proper community to have, darling! It might be time to cut those people loose. Could it be that us women have been trying to go at it alone because we were surrounding ourselves with the wrong group of people? 

In my (older) age, I've learned to stop going at it alone. I've started to make an effort to really letting people know me, not just the independent façade I was wearing. In fact, this post was inspired from a dinner with my cousin and two great friends. It was there that my mind expanded while we exchanged ideas, dreams, philosophies, insecurities, and in the end, gave each other more life. 

That's because having community is more fulfilling than having power.

A revolution can't be fought with just one person; you'll need the right motley crew of dreamers, believers, and doers to back you up. While we're undoubtedly capable of being independent and alone, I see a better future in being independent and together. Then, the real revolution begins - a revolution in where we learn to build each other up to greater heights than can be achieved alone.


Written by Ashley Jeanson

Ashley is a restless dreamer and traveler. Her main happiness in life comes from turning her dreaming into doing, which has prompted her to live in both London and NYC (she's originally a San Diegan). Coffee keeps her fueled enough to do so. 

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