Leaving on Time

During my annual review, I was docked points because I left on time once. It was a noteworthy moment because my boss at the time, made a fuss of it. Apparently, I was really needed to help compile this venue list for a “top paying client.”

He said I was, "slipping out in the afternoons" too much. That was one time I that I left at 6pm...

This led me to think about the work culture in certain industries - how our work ethic is questioned because of the time we leave the office? Does that mean my workload is not heavy enough, or I’m slacking off on the job? But what if it meant I am being very effective with my time and prioritize items throughout the day? Is there such thing as a positive thought when one leaves the office on time, ever? 

It’s ironic because no one ever claps at the days I come in earlier than what I am scheduled or that one time I stayed until 10pm babysitting a client. I get in the office between 8:20-8:40 am. That time difference is contingent upon the AC lines. So I find situations like mine hilarious - please catch my sarcasm.

This one time, a colleague hinted that I should stay later to finish my work. Which in fact, I turned in the proposal on time as we had a couple of days before its due date. The only reason it was delayed getting to the client because she was "so busy and will get back to me end of day." 

What upset me was not about the terrible criticisms within this project or even how she and the rest of the team communicated this - it was the fact that she suggested I should stay later to "do my job." Initial reaction: Who are you? You're not my boss. You do not write my paycheck, therefore you don't have that right.

Just because I live my life a certain way - meaning having a work-life balance (honestly, I still don't know what this truly means), don't try to impose staying late and not working hard enough thoughts on me because you stay late every night.

The thing about being a Director is - you signed up for it. Therefore, don't complain. You have a higher income, a Senior role, and in turn, more responsibilities. Just because I can leave the office happily on time to go to happy hour with my friends or meet my boyfriend for dinner, does not mean I didn’t work hard enough on my projects.

So, is it 6pm yet? 


Written by Chary