Goodbye PR

Sometimes, when I look back on my career choices, I wonder how did I fell into the PR arena.

Well, I did graduate with a Communications PR Degree, I tell myself. But I’ve never aspired to be the next Samantha Jones, ever.

"You'd make a great publicist," someone once told me. I just knew I liked storytelling and working with people.

As I continue to pursue PR and now at an agency level, I begin to recognize how the industry is only a facade. It made me question my moral beliefs. Why was I working so hard to do something that didn’t mean much to me and overall, the World?

I was constantly conflicted. There were nights where I am stressed out about inconsequential details. My anxiety levels has heightened to new degrees because I forgot to send a confirmed email about this emerging designer...?  

Working at agency-level specifically is funny because there is this sense of urgency as if someone is dying in the emergency room, when really, a requested sample is missing. I never understood why publicists freaked out and the definition of “crisis” is used very liberally.

Remember: Its PR not ER.

The term newsworthy is a word I hear frequently in strategy meetings. I guess it is one of those terms that is subjective and we all define differently, but when I see headlines varying from “Kendall Jenner gets a New Haircut” to a major Earthquake in Italy resulting in over 200 deaths, I wonder why Kendall's story is the hot and leading topic at my office instead of the global breaking news. 

Do I want to be in an industry such as fashion where many things and people seem to care about all materialistic and surface matters? Where the film The Devil Wears Prada lives up to industry’s image?

I want be surrounded with people with depth.

In my quest to discover my next career move, I hope to transition into a role and company that embraces the Jack of All Trades skill set, is more fulfilling, aligns with my values, and work towards a positive impact to the world. I really don’t know if I will ever stay in PR, but I know one thing for sure - if I decide to ever become the next Samantha Jones, I better be a killer publicist for a huge non-profit organization that is changing the world.