Rich Asian Girl

The first time I felt marginalized and verbally attacked was on the train where an insecure, angry man went off on me because I was uninterested. He dissed me with, ""I know your type. This rich Asian Girl. Yeah, I know you."

I remained silent, but that comment angered me so much. Typically, I never let a complete stranger dictate my emotions, but his tone and his words stung me.

He thought I was judging him based on the color of his skin meanwhile he was doing the same thing to me. Exactly the same.

What we all fail to realize is that we all are all from different walks of life. Although our social media may paint this fruitful life, we really don't know what's behind that screen, right? The same way I've judged someone's account, is the same judgement when that angry stranger just assumed I come from a privileged household because of my almond eyes and skin color. You know, because Asians are the Model Minority….

He shouted, “You don’t know me. You don’t know me!”

Well Sir, you don’t know me and I am far from some Rich Asian Girl. I grew up with a father with a gambling issue and where Government Assistance Programs were the means of survival. In a home with a very limited to no income, you get creative and live a simple life.

As a young child, you understand that you cannot ask for much and it is because your parents couldn't afford it - not because you do not deserve nice things.

"I'm from the Projects," he said - making this assumption that I have no knowledge what he spoke of. Sir, I grew up in a low-income community, and I know what “ghetto” means. I know what it is like to be weary of my life because local gangs can shoot up the place randomly. Do you think I am one of those individuals who speak slang, but go back home to a gated community somewhere in a fancy suburb? No, Sir.

So, I advise you, before you judge someone based of what they’re wearing or the color of their skin, stop and think. They have a story, too.

And if I am a Rich Asian Girl, it’s because I’ve worked for it. Not because I have this Trust-Fund or wealthy parents who gave me everything I wanted. 


Written by Chary