In today’s society, many of us fall under the category of finding fulfillment. We’re all a part of this journey in finding true happiness, especially as a native New Yorker with so many things going on and the fast paced living. The average working individual, including myself, is caught in the cycle of trying to “make it” while wanting to feel fulfilled.

I was talking with one my girlfriends one day where I was feeling unproductive. This particular day, many things crossed my mind on how I could be productive, but that’s about as far as it went. Then, I proceeded to text my friend, I wanted more. In response, she agreed and felt the same way. It then had me thinking, how many others out there feel the same way?

How many others want to feel complete with life? How does one go about this journey?

I had no idea, so I decided to write this piece. Maybe, writing about it will help me begin my journey somehow and influence others to begin their journey or those that are already on their journey continue pushing on!

With everyday influences via social media, we are all now on this quest of fulfillment more than before. The increasing amounts of folks who are traveling, starting up businesses, or taking that 6 am yoga class in the park while deciding their next adventure. People are becoming more in tuned with self or working on becoming more in tuned with self. In this day and age, that’s what it’s about - finding self-happiness.

As I get older it’s becoming clearer to me, the want to be fulfilled. Being fulfilled lies within me becoming the known writer I want to be. With me making a conscious decision to wake up every morning and saying to myself “I am a writer and will be a writer” is my journey towards fulfillment, even in thinking it. Writing this piece and sharing how i feel is all part of the journey; it’s what I am connected too.

Ask yourself, what am I passionate about? What is on my mind when I wake up and before I go to sleep? What turns me on when I think or speak about it? It’s like losing someone or something you love, if that feeling is there then you know it is part of your journey and it is something that needs to nurtured with all the tender, love and care.  

It isn't tangible, it's a feeling. I’m sure we’ll experience it differently, but that feeling I imagine is universal. For me, I kind of equate that feeling to when I’m on vacation, in the mountains or in the tropics. When you wake up with the sun, pull the curtains back and the warm rays hit your face, and you just exhale the thought of how long it took you to finally get here. The peace in knowing when you wake up in the morning there’s a satisfaction with life and your place in living.

This is only the beginning - the start of my journey and perhaps yours as well, after reading this short piece. Now, the question remains, “How do I want to be fulfilled?”


Written by Portia

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