The Sum of My Parts

There is no nickel between these knees, and honey does not spill from this mouth.

It is made for speaking bitter truths, uncontrollable laughter, and whatever pleasure I choose to give.

My full red lips are a shield to the sword that is my tongue.

My hips perform a dance when I walk that remains a mystery to all.

My hands aren’t made to stroke the egos of men.

My feet are made to carry my purpose.

Not to walk behind as you chase yours.

I exist completely taking up all space I choose.

I am “too much” for those who aren’t enough.

I am much more than a woman is "supposed" to be.

I am not weak, afraid, or reserved.  

My existence calls for more, for deeper, for stronger, for longer than most can endure.

They will run before admitting defeat.

All the while I stroll as the ground trembles beneath.



Written by Jessica Wilkins

This is the piece she performed on stage for our Femininity; Friend or Foe night. To read Jess' previous works, find her writings here or here