Get Me Bodied


My thighs rub together when I walk. It’s not much of a hassle in the cooler months since jeans, pants and tights create a flesh barrier. But in the summer my inner thighs scream like a mighty banshee due to the heat and discomfort that walking causes. I buy an assortment of creams to apply to the delicate area to help with the chub rub, but deodorant can also work in a pinch.

That is just one of things that happens when you’re a voluptuous vixen. Finding jeans that fit well, bras that don’t cause boob spillage and dresses that slide just right are a hassle and a half. Often times insecurity rushes in like quicksand in your mind as you compare yourself to others, both people that you know and strangers alike. I have always been a pretty confident person and generally happy with my body understanding that it’s always a work in progress. But I am human after all and outside sources can often influence the way you feel about yourself no matter how content you might be.

There’s a saying from one of my favorites songs that says “Crises precipitate change”. Women are in the midst of a renaissance where our autonomies have been and are under attack, but we are all now speaking up and fighting back. Our bodies are a source of great happiness and pleasure but also something that is constantly judged, picked apart and sometimes sadly attacked. Body image is at the forefront because we realize now that looking and feeling good is as important as maintaining  yourself in a safe space and guarding it with all your might.

Personally, I love fashion. I imagine outfits in my head and where I would wear them. I even do it for other people. That’s the great thing about it - it’s a means of expression and confidence. Being able to wear what you want despite outside forces saying otherwise is the wonderful thing about having full control of your self image and how you want to portray yourself to the world. So fashion rules be damned! No one can dictate what makes you feel beautiful, but if I see a hot outfit I will nod your way in acknowledgement. In the words of the great Rupaul -  

You Better Work!



Written by Maddy

Madelyn was born and raised in NYC where she still lives. She started her career in fashion, after attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, but soon realized creative writing was her true calling. She is a story teller, cat-enthusiast and lover of TV.