Event Recap: Community Service at Bowery Mission

This past Saturday, thecnnekt community spent the freezing cold morning with the Bowery Mission and helping New Yorkers in need.

We were in awe with  the quality of meals and shelter space being provided to these men and women, especially during a "code blue." Anything below 30 degrees prompts The Bowery Mission to open its door to everyone at any time.

First, we were given a tour of the facility and then we sat down with the volunteer director to learn about this mission and inspiration behind their services. Turns out, Edwin is a huge feminist and our platform had won him over!

Leading up to lunch service- we did a lot of food prep for the following day to the mass amounts of meals that need to be served. We bonded with the chef over corn chucking, bread slicing, and meat cutting! Lots of laughs and heart felt conversation was had in the kitchen.

Then, the lunch service that started promptly at 1 pm and we formed an assembly line to serve over 200 guests within an hour. Each person had a huge smile despite their circumstances and gave us many thanks. The chef complimented us in our serving portions, but sometimes we snuck in an additional scoop for our community members! 

Being selfless is important. Spending our time with people who we may never see again - being able to help in some capacity is such a feel good experience and we cannot thank our attendees enough for creating and sharing that experience with us! 

This is not the last of us, Bowery Mission! 


Chary + Emily