How We Met : Alexis + Chary

It really doesn’t matter how much time has passed when you look back and think when you met someone. Life was very different at that time, that moment, that hour. I find myself drifting into a daydream and catching myself smile thinking about how it was when I first met Chary. It was middle of the week and I found myself at a Yelp dinner event in Beverly Hills, CA. I walked into the waiting area and I introduced myself to the early birds. I spotted bright red lips and complimented her right away. Her face lit up and her retort was warm and friendly.

That was it!

We ended up sitting next to each other, gabbed about how much we love food and all our favorite eateries, and cheered with bottomless wine. Reading that back, it sounds like a cheesy-ass-basic-bitch-blogger tweet. That was something that resonated with me after that night... Chary was zero bullshit. She was full of life, energy, and her attitude was very similar to my own. I felt incredibly fortunate to call her a friend, and over time, it became a sista-friend bond. We chat and snap daily. Still to this day, we challenge each other, and talk through life issues and I even encouraged her to go to New York!

My favorite conversations are relationship related and discussing the hardships that follow. I remember when we met up for pie before she moved to New York. We sunk our teeth into the best Mexican chocolate pie with espresso bean whip and washed it down with iced tea. I was fresh into the dating world, moved to a different part of town, and recently promoted at work. We had heaps to cover and also reflect on how we even got to this point. New York was fast approaching for her and the unknown was anxiety ridden. It’s scary to up and leave, start over, and go for your dream. I reminded her how brave she is and how much I admire the hell out of her. It was important for me to reassure her that she has the support to get her through anything and to speak up when things get rough.

Chary would ask me for my honest opinion and knew I would give it to her. “Are you sure you want me to tell you what I’m about to tell you?” A disclaimer I would ask her often. It hurts to hear the truth especially when it's coming from someone else and you know it deep down, but don’t want to believe it. Denying real life is comforting in the moment and I have no problem calling you out on your shit. And she calls me out when I’m in the wrong and helps me see the bigger picture. I love that Chary takes what I say to heart and values it. That’s how it should be! Friends should value and appreciate each other, dammit! I am not the best person to give advice, nor am I certified, but I do know that being honest with yourself is the first step to being a better human.

Better humans. Now that’s hard to find anywhere you live. Especially a place like LA.

Gimme a break. And on top of that, I feel like the last LA native still living here since everyone seems to leave and never come back. Chary made me feel beyond normal - with her sassy comments and quirky attitude. Later we also learned that we are star sistas too, both Aries. Headstrong and dive into anything head first without considering the repercussions. We have a beautiful balance and thrive off of each others’ practicality and new adventures in life.

What more can I ask for? Besides, life is too short to have assholes for friends.


Written by Alexis Bryn

Alexis currently resides in a beach city in Los Angeles County and scheduling in when she can eat a donut next. On top of the regular eight-to-five, she’s ready for an adventure locally or abroad. Cuddles on the couch, long bike rides and hot cups of coffee are just a few things that make her world turn.

Twitter/IG: alexisbryn