We're All Busy

This past week we have been extremely busy - with work, personal life, and thecnnekt things. I can speak for both of us when I say it can be exhausting to juggle it all.

I am familiar with being "burnt out" and I know when I over-exert myself, but I need to practice self-care and remind myself that this is meaningful work, and I enjoy doing what I do. I love meeting movers-and-shakers in the creative spaces, brainstorming on event concepts, and overall, sharing this great vision with my best friend. I think it is easy for us to forget what we do and why we do it.

I am guilty of saying, “I am so busy” and not cognizant of how that makes the other person feel -  as if he or she is insignificant. More importantly, it projects the whole my-time-is-more-valuable-than-yours. Which it is not, because really - your time and my time are equally important. (That is why I am so apologetic when I am running late to meeting or a date.)

Confession - I annoy myself when I utter the word “busy” because we all know, we’re all so damn busy. So, I found a mindful solution. Moving forward, I am going to alter my diction. If we all really think about it - we call be busy right? We can be busy with the day-to-days and it can all be meaningless - cluttering our mind and calendars. I've decided that the perfect term to describe my schedule is rather “productive.”

I know - it is so minor, but evaluate your attitude when you say you are “being productive” versus “being busy.” When I say productive, I know that I am putting in the work to achieve something and using my time effectively. If that means saying no more to social gatherings, then okay - no, it is. Busy for me is just I have a filled day with errands and bullshit.

So enough of this talk about being busy - we all have the same 24-hours and same days in a year.

Let’s all be productive!


Written by Chary